What should I eat?

It’s 7:45. At 9:00, I’m going to eat.

The question is, baked lemon pepper fish, shredded chicken burritos, or pepperoni pizza?

I’m checking back at 9, and I expect results.


You have the burritos’, I’ll have the lemon chicken, thank you. :smiley:

You should have asked “What Am I Going To Drink?”.

For the fish, I recommend a good Lager (not knowing where you live, I don’t know what selections you have available to you). That, and I’m not a huge Lager fan.

For the chicken burrito, Dos Equis all the way. Maybe Modelo if available.

Pepperoni pizza? Valpolicella.

Have some antacid standing by, and don’t plan on a restful night’s sleep.


What should you eat?

Me. :smiley:
(I’m sorry…I’m just in a WEIRD mood tonight.)

THC contaminated fish or “shredded” burritos? Disgusting. Pepperoni pizza all the way. And a six pack of Bud Light to go with it.

I’d love to Falc my dear, but I hear you’re endangered… :wink:

Chicken burritos it… oh I wish, but they take too long. So I guess it’s the fi… eh. I don’t feel like preparing. Looks like I’m tossin the damned pizza in. Like I don’t eat two a day anyway.

I guess that’ll teach me to try to get advice.