What site to you use for hosting of digital images?

The title says it all. A recently purchased digital camera adds to the reason for a query. Who do you use, and what do you like or dislike about them? I don’t imagine that I’ll be putting up a ton of pictures, but some will need to be linkable for other uses such as the electrical inspectors egroup, fire company stuff, and of course my interaction with beloved Dopers.

Over to you, teeming millions. :smiley:

General Questions is for questions with factual answers. Since you are asking about opinion, I’ll move this to IMHO for you.

DrMatrix - GQ Moderator


I don’t use it, but I always see people suggest ImageShack.

I got free web space with my ISP account and it has never occurred to me to use something else to host images when I wanted to post images. (It’s not like I would be tossing up a bunch of 2.6 MB jpegs or anything, and web-sized jpegs don’t take up much room).

For images that I want to be able to post online or link to I use photobucket.

For those that I want to print, or chare with family members that want to print, I use snapfish.