What Song Makes You Think OF Your SO?

For me,

A Question of Lust by Depeche Mode.
Like a baby in your arms.
Be gentle with me
I would never do you harm

Are all you get from me
But just like a child
You make me smile"

Flower by Liz Phair

“Everything you say is so
obnoxious,funny,true and mean
I want to be your blowjob queen.”

So, what’s yours?

DreamWeaver & Oh What A Night - because that’s all I heard on the radio when we were first dating.

Now, it’s - You Don’t Own Me by Leslie Gore.

Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” Crappy song, I know (well, at least I hate it), but it was how we met. One day in class I was singing “Master of Puppets” because I was bored, but I only knew a few of the lyrics. He, being a Metallica fan (but only until “The Black Album” - the rest sucks, says he) helped me out. How sweet! :wink:

Also, he made a 3-CD set for me full of classic rock songs, so whenever I hear any of those, I think of him. " 'Scuse me while I kiss this guy…"

Depends on what mood I’m in.

If everything is going well for us at that time, I think of “No One Is To Blame”, by Howard Jones, (whoever he was)which was a really popular top forty hit when we were dating. It’s lame, but it fit the moment during the beginning of our budding romance.

However, when things are pretty much sucking, the first song that pops into my head is, “Tied To A Whipping Post”, by the Allman Brothers.

I listen to it when I’m out driving around fuming after a fight.

“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by AC/DC. It just seems like a Gunslinger type of song…

“First Kiss” by They Might Be Giants.

Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran. The funny thing about that is that we started being more than friends in 2000. Crazy 80’s music!

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UDD says that “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Sinéad O’Connor makes him think of me.

there are far too many songs that make me think of him though… 10 years of listening to music together… how about “Dear God” by XTC because he made me listen to it and it’s the only song by XTC that he was actually able to make me like.

“Tempted” by Squeeze.

The first time I ever heard it was when he sang it to me when we were dating.

Totally bad song for romance but he has a beautiful voice and I just love that song.

“The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by the Charlie Daniels Band.


To make a long story short, I was doing it on stage it at amateur night some years ago. She was in the audience and got in touch with me afterwards to tell me how much she liked my rendition. We started seeing each other, and eventually married.

Of course, other songs mean a great deal to us too, but neither of us can hear “The Devil” without thinking of that night and how we met.

Tomorrow She Goes Away
The Ramones


Infatuation, she’s a fatal attraction
Hang around, screw up my mind
I hope I’ve seen her for the very last time

Danger’s intriguing
but I don’t want to die
Got to leave this psycho behind
I hope I’ve seen her for the very last time

And I can’t wait 'til tomorrow
I can’t wait another day
I can’t wait 'til tomorrow
Tomorrow she goes away, hey hey!

well I wouldn’t classify Bubba as my SO, but none the less… Just about any Eagles song. Our first date was seeing the Eagles during the Hell Freezes Over Tour. If I had to narrow it down, Desperado. The last song of the night.

Followed closely by Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama. Well, the skies are so blue.

Finally Allman Brothers Whipping Post (long version). Bubba has a vivid imagination :eek:

“Georgia on My Mind” by Ray Charles

“Here comes my girl” by Tom Petty.

For reasons she won’t let me talk about.

None. Nobody loves me :frowning: But at least it’s mutual.

“From This Moment On”, by Shania Twain. I’d been trying to convince her to sing for me for ages, and she finally sang this for me. Veryveryvery quietly, but it was a start. I still can’t listen to this song.

“Truly Madly Deeply”, by Savage Garden. This was on a lot when we first started dating, and I think we might even have danced to it on our first date. This song, however, I still like (probably because I knew it before we started going out).

A few other songs on some CDs I made for, (“Save Tonight”, by Eagle Eye Cherry), but not as strongly.

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And actually, I associate music (specific songs) with a lot of different people (or times in my life).

For instance, my shuffle just came up with “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul … a song I got because I thought it was cool, and the first time I heard it was while a friend and I were sitting in the caf. studying for a Linguistics exam. And tis isn’t (quite) a hijack, because I wish she was my SO. How’s that? :smiley:

You stole mine! :slight_smile:

Gotta agree with Spoons on The Devil Went Down to Georgia,but not for the same reasons.
Crush 'Em, because it’s his favorite song.
Angel by Shaggy, I hate that song with a passion, and I change the station whenever it comes on, but it always makes me think of him. It was important when we were together once, and then we broke up and I despised the song because I would always think about him. Then we got back together, and I still don’t like the song.
All My Life by KC and Jojo. He told me that he dedicated a song to me and then gave me his cd player and turned it on, and I thought it was so sweet.

My favourite ex : Perfect by the smashing pumpkins and My favourite mistake by sheryl crow.