What stupid things did you do today?

This week seems to be one of those Murphy’s Law weeks for me. In the past week, I’ve managed to:
1. Drop a box of 24 eggs at work
2. Burn two of my fingers on a belgian waffle maker
3. Spilled an entire can of A&W Rootbeer during my
Sociology class
4. Tripped and fell at the beginning of my Biology class
Usually, this wouldn’t be so bad, but It’s only Tuesday. I still have four more days left to somehow bungle up. But all of this led me to wonder- What stupid things did you do today? Misery loves company, so clumsiness just might like some, too.

This looks to me like a polling type of thread, so I’ll move it to IMHO.

Oh, Lord, was I supposed to keep track? I’ll just have to carry a notebook with me tomorrow.

Well, I watered this morning and forgot whether I had turned the hose off or not. I had to call Mom to go check it for me.

However, since the pool people were there and using the hose, we still don’t know if I left it on or not.

I am a valet driver at Ballys Park Place in Atlantic City.

I had just finished surveying a car for scratches and dents, and started the car up to drive it into the garage…
And there was still somebody in the car!:eek:

I bumped into a wall that was clearly marked “Wet Paint”. Now I have a nice off-white stripe down one arm of my jacket. Perhaps I should go back and do the other side, for the sake of symmetry.

-Andrew L

I played Yahoo Pool against a random 13 year old boy who ended up calling me “gay”, “dumbass”, and “dick”. It was my pleasure.


I bid too low on an ebay item & consequently lost. :frowning:

Well recently I

  1. Instead of hitting the ‘brew coffee’ button I pressed the ‘dispense hot water’ button on the coffee brewer. The little hot water spout began to spit hot water at my crouch. I looked down at the growing hot sensation and let go… This sort of thing isnt abnormal for me so I just let go, pressed the correct button, and moved on with my shift.

  2. I spent an hour wondering why a program I was writing outputed:
    bob, 032
    when it should output
    “bob, 0”
    I failed to realize that the 32 was simply the line number that the debugger was displaying at the time ie the line looked like
    “bob, 032 cout << node;”

Thats just recently, I will update you tomorrow.

I forgot to put coffee in the coffee maker before I turned it on.
I also did this.

I managed to drop the one and only key to my bosses car behind the steering wheel of my bosses car before starting it. It slid down into the space behind the steering wheel (inside the column). Of course, the alarm armed itself while I was sitting inside the vehicle, so I had to run inside, grab a wrench, pop the hood, disconnect the battery so the horn would stop honking, then use a screwdriver to remove a few trim panels so I could get to the key. Wahoo!
If today is only tuesday, I think I need to learn to tie a noose by thursday :slight_smile:

I played real-life as opposed to Yahoo! Pool today at work during lunch. I was on our last ball before the black and potted it with an absolutely excellent shot. The only problem; I potted it with the other side’s yellow rather the cue ball. Everybody was there to see it and to make matters worse, we were playing doubles.

I also asked a customer on the phone if I could speak to her husband only to find out he was the husband.

This was quite an typical day for me though.

[li]Jammed the copy machine.[/li][li]Spilled coffee on a contract.[/li][li]Sent out a fax without a cover sheet (very, very bad!!).[/li][li]Spun too quickly in my new office chair and hit my knee on the desk.[/li][li]Pushed the chair back too quickly and slammed myself into the cabinets behind me.[/li][li]Got my foot tangled in the 12-foot phone cord, and hopped around like an idiot, right in front of the new client.[/li][/ul]

It’s only 2:30, right? Waaaaah.

I cut myself twice with the same piece of tinfoil.

I lost the art project I’d worked on for several weeks.

One of my classmates picked it out of the street and gave it back to me, but I felt pretty stupid. It was a 4x7" booklet! And I stuck it in an open-ended portfolio!

The full story’s in my journal if anyone cares.

dragongirl, if you’d just leave the damn tinfoil hat on your HEAD, well, this wouldn’t happen.


Set the coffee up to go and forgot to put the pot under the drip
Burned my foot with the curling iron that I left on and never used
Went down to the get laundry from the dryer and realized I hadn’t put it in.

Didn’t study today.
Didn’t study yesterday.
Have the entire weekend planned out (as of months ago, so I can’t back out) and have two evil, evil finals waiting to eat me alive on Tuesday.
And then two more finals.
And a project due…um, sometime. The TA might actually bother to tell us what the hell we have to do for the project tomorrow.

I’m screwed.

I forgot I was wearing platform shoes and fell down the stairs, my right thigh thudding on each step. My right thigh says “ow”.

Mislaid my asthma inhaler. It’s in the house somewhere.

I %^#*$% slept in instead of going to class.