What superhero or superhero team would you LIKE to see get a movie?

Well, two of those guys are currently heroes in the comics, and the third was just recently the Lifebringer, so…

btw, Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners books were optioned. If they can make the films without screwing them up, I’d love to see them.

For those who haven’t heard of them or read them, they posit a world where a mysterious red light appears in the sky. Soon, a very small percentage of the population develops superpowers, somehow obviously tied to the new mini-star. Society is soon wrecked all to hell and back by the new “Epics” who walk among us.

All three books and the novella were excellent, IMO; both good fun and very intense.

ETA: Not a comic book, I know, but still about people with super powers.

Legion of Super Heroes = enormous cast!

Spider-Woman is a great idea, for the precisely reasons **Don Draper **describes. Its the Ed Brubaker *The Sleeper *conundrum - as a double agent, after a while you lose track of who you are working for.

That’s an interesting thought.

For me, its the Archie Goodwin / Walt Simonson Manhunter. There’s a tonne of pathos in that story.

Herbie Popnecker (aka, The Fat Fury).

I came across him one day while browsing the net, and he really captured my imagination. He’s everything a superhero ought to be.

Invincible. It would have to be rated R because of all the blood.

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If you’re filming 2000AD strips, I want ABC Warriors: for those unfamiliar, they were a team of misfit army surplus robots who combined squabbling and backstabbing with battling Evil in space. Think Dirty Dozen meets Magnificent Seven except deranged combat bulldozers punching Cthulhu. It was a fucking brilliant strip, and it could have been written to be filmed.

I want a do-over of Howard the Duck.

Before Logan, I wanted to see X-23 introduced via an adaptation of NYX followed by the X-23 miniseries.

After Logan, I want to see X-23 introduced via an adaptation of NYX followed by the X-23 miniseries.

Groo the Wanderer.

Usagi Yojimbo.

If manga can count, it would be nice to see a good adaptation of The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service.

Some version of Magik, possibly this miniseries.

I would mention Runaways, but they are already working on a Runaways movie.

Maybe a Doop vs. Slimer cross-over movie…

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Actually I’ll second the “Grendel” suggestion above. Rich, intense, and with a lot of potential for development in other films. I’d also love to see a good quality Ambush Bug film (something Weedonesque); I am aware at least one crappy one has been made but it’s difficult to write for a character who knows he’s fictional.

I’d rather see “Top Ten” as an ongoing television show, much like Amazon is doing for the latest version of The Tick (which incidentally looks very promising).

But right now I’d like the solo MCU Black Widow film we keep getting promised.

Lobo. It may be happening, it may not, we’ll see. I’d imagine it would be an ideal “me too” response to Marvel’s Deadpool.

Spawn deserves a better movie than he received in 1997.

I’d like to see The Fantastic Four done right. Fer cryin’ out loud, they had four tries, and they managed to screw them all up, mostly by going off the comic book script. FF was my favorite comic back in the 1960s, in the heyday of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Give the real Galactus, not the Johnny-come-lately swarm of insect things. I want a universe of Kirby Dots illustrating Cosmic Power. Let me see the full glory of what CGI can unleash, with the Silver Surfer flying through the Negative Zone. Let me see Ben and Johnny Storm bantering and pulling pranks on each other. Lemme see the Submariner’s or the Mole Man’s monsters invading New York. So far, the best screen treatment of the FF has been Pixar’s The Incredibles, which got the movements, the banter, and the menace down straight.
And, he’s not a superhero (arguably), but for Crom’s sake let someone do Conan the Barbarian right. Adapt a Robert E. Howard story, you mooks, instead of thinking you can write your own – you screw it up every time. I want to see The Tower of the Elephant or Rogues in the House or Red Nails.

Since the LSH isn’t terribly familiar to the general public (especially since DC stopped publishing it), they’d have to start with the origin story anyway. Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and Lightning Lad to start with is easy to introduce. Then, add from there. It’d make a good basis for a series, and seems like a good way to get an actually likable Superboy, instead of the mopey Superman the DCU has now.

I could go for an ABC Warriors movie. Can we fit Nemesis the Warlock and Ace Garp in there somehow?

Full disclaimer: 2000 AD totally fucking rocks! They’ve had more ideas in their progs than any can count and their willingness to try new stories, characters, artists and writers is, to me, legendary. I just wish they could get a decent film made. (Okay, yeah, the last one, Dredd was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. And that’s without even bothering to compare it to Judge Dredd (where I actually thought Stallone was good, btw)).

The Shadow and Doc Savage done right. The Ron Ely Doc Savage was campy, and a lot less fun than it tried to be. The Shadow, with Alec Baldwin, was better but still a misfire. Having a star who didn’t hate being in the movie would have made it better yet.

I would love to see Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill’s Marshal Law. The first six-issue run would make a great story.

I’d also like to see Adam Warren’s Empowered, but I think he’s got a long way to go toward resolving his big over-arching plot - even though he’s already on his tenth book. A movie would have to focus on one of the sub-plots (Ooh! Maybe Empowered vs. the Solider of Love!) in order to come to a conclusion that doesn’t torpedo his future plans for the series.


Well, there was also Roger Corman’s version. Which was almost unsettlingly faithful to the origin story and character appearances. Compared to the other cinematic outings, at the very least.

(And, technically speaking, it absolutely did not underperform at the box office or on the home video market. :smiley: )

I’ve seen it. It’s unbelievably lame, with pretty awful film quality, acting, and effects. Corman made it only to hang onto the rights, and, boy, does it show.

I would love to see Shang-Chi just so long as it is NOT wire-fu (ala “Into the Badlands”)

Though not quite a “super” hero, I’d love to see a Barry Ween (boy genius) movie.

I would love to see AC Comics’ FemForce come to either television or the big screen :

Animal Man. Not the straight boring Silver Age Animal Man, the weird Morrison version.