What superhero or superhero team would you LIKE to see get a movie?

I imagine that we are already passed the highwater mark of the trend for superhero movies for the time being. I think we’ll be seeing less of them, or they just won’t be dominating the box office as much as they have in the recent past. But at least we got a Wonder Woman movie, which is something apparently a lot of people have been waiting a long time for.

Regardless of whether or not it’s LIKELY that the character(s) will get a big-budget, live-action movie treatment, what would seriously pique your interest and prompt you to go to the theater?

A few months ago, in an attempt to get through some writer’s block, I began writing a screenplay for a “Doom Patrol” movie - the original team set in an early 1960s scenario. I never got very far into it, but I’ve always liked the idea of it. I imagined it having the tone of a Sean Connery-era Bond film.

One character I am actually surprised they haven’t brought to the screen, big or small, is Marvel’s Spider-Woman. Given that she is a fan favorite with very close ties to both the Avengers and Hydra, and that her own history opens up a lot of new story possibilities (Wundagore, the High Evolutionary and his Knights, Morgan Le Fay), I would have thought she would be a natural fit.

Anyway, what superhero (or comic book series) would go see a movie about?

The Flaming Carrot


Megaton Man

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (I know, I know… it’s never gonna happen now)


Strontium Dog

ETA: That’s just off the top of my head; I’m sure there are others.

It’d probably be a better fit for a TV show than a movie, but I’d like to see PS238. For those who don’t know, it’s a comic book by Aaron Williams (best known for gaming comic Nodwick) about a school for metahuman children (many of which are the children of superheroes or supervillains, but there are also some first-generation metas). Most of the characters are superficially similar to the familiar stars, but once you dig deeper into their stories, turn out to be completely different. And since it’s all done by one man, it’s mostly free of the continuity issues and other inconsistencies that the big universes are rife with, and it’s more aware from the ground up that it’s an entire world with many different characters who interact.

Doom Patrol, simply because they have the best name of any team in comics.

Metal Men, though you’d have to tone down the sexism.

Inferior Five, though you’d have to * really* tone down the sexist and fat shaming.

Legion of Superheroes is a good option.

Angel and the Ape (Phil Foglio version).

But under no circumstances should they try to bring back Super-Hip (i.e. Bob Hope as a rockstar/Superhero)

Matt Wagner’s Grendel. Hunter Rose is a compelling character, and even after he dies, the subsequent stories lend themselves to movie adaptation.

That’s easy: Top 10, by Alan Moore, Gene Ha, and Zander Cannon (a former Doper). Basically it’s Hill St. Blues, in a city populated by superpowered beings.

The characters are rich and layered and are featured in various weaving storylines with all sorts of humor, horror, and human emotion. The first ten issues have a bigger arc that is amazing.

Solo act-The Creeper
Team-The Legion of Superheroes

Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu.

Late 1970s Legion of Superheroes.

Early 1980s Teen Titans.

The Elseworlds story The Golden Age.

Golden Age Hawkman.

Golden Age Green Lantern.

Grimjack - Cynosure and Munden’s Bar, so cool.

War Machine - I always liked Rhodey much more than Stark

The Micronauts - I read (on the 'dope) that this is in development

Cloak and Dagger

Suicide Squad - for real this time!!!


I’d like to see an entire bio of him. His childhood, time in the camps, hunting nazis, time with Charles, leading the anti-human mutants, etc. Not a superhero, but supervillian.

That would make a great biography. We didn’t need 3 Wolverine movies, we could’ve done fine with 2 Wolverine movies and 1 Magneto movie.

Dr. Doom would also be great.


Am I misunderstanding the definition of superhero?

A super hot red head or brunette with laser blue eyes playing Zatanna.

Powerpuff Girls

The Badger.

Second vote for Grimjack, (Maybe Scout as well? Or any other Tim Truman properties.)

Shang-Chi should definitely be in the Netflix Marvel stories.

I’d like to see Moore’s TOM STRONG: a pulp adventurer using retro futuristic tech to play explorer – and, okay, to play ‘superhero’, if someone is dumb enough to attempt a crime spree in the area, but, honestly, he’d rather try to talk some sense into them. (Which, granted, is a lot easier to do from a position of strength; and, at a minimum, requires him surviving whatever gets thrown at him; so, yes, cue some over-the-top action before he can be the reluctant-hero voice of experience.)

The Hellboy movies were fine, but the Mike Mignola character that really deserves a movie is Lobster Johnson.

Moon Knight I guess might be a possibility some day, Gunn says he pitched a script.

Terror, Inc., rated R, of course.

They are making a show. There’s a trailer and everything. It seems to be geared for a teen demographic, so hopefully it’s okay.

I have to be honest, I did not hate that trailer. I’m not familiar with Freeform, I’ll give it a shot.

Battle Chasers might be a good movie, just to see who they get to play Red Monika. Of course, the movie would end suddenly in the third act.

It’s been done. Twice. But they’d have been better simply adapting the source material.

Legion of Super Heroes
The Elementals

The Authority, by Warren Ellis

An attempt to show what would really happen if a team of overpowered metahumans came together. The end up changing everything in the world - running it, in effect - because they can’t stand the corruption in high places. They’re hated by politicians and despised - at times - by the population due to collateral damage. But they’re really frustrated by how ordinary people just let corruption happen. They’re motto, “PAY ATTENTION!”

Anything else you’d like; someone who looks good in fishnets, perhaps?