What the Boss Shoulda Sent

What the boss sent:

What the boss shoulda sent:

Those Tibetan orphans have all the luck.

See? You are a brilliant writer! Happily deluded maybe, but that just makes you more fun. Hey, you can at least put your super hero-like accomplishments in your Christmas newsletter…

And congratulations some more!

You know, those Communications Consultants make real money. You could buy us lunch with that salary.

Just sayin’.

Ino, you are cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

Thanks bowert, you incredibly supportive and sweet-ass Doper you!

And lieu, yieu know I love yieu. ::big smooch::

I noticed there was no mention of modesty in the second message…although there was that humility thing…:slight_smile:

Congratulations on your new position!

Definitely should have had something in there about modesty. Good call, Xgem.