What the heck happens in Delaware?

Not really a big deal though, considering you just turn back around on 95 and go back maybe 15 miles, max. :smiley:

As probably the most recognizable household name in a list for an entire state, no. Particularly one that’s been a state as long as the nation has existed.

Somebody mentioned Idaho - it managed to produce Ezra Pound and Lana Turner. Not to mention Harmon Killebrew and Picabo Street. Heck, even West Virginia can lay claim to George Brett, Pearl S. Buck, Stonewall Jackson, Don Knotts, Mary Lou Retton and Chuck Yeager.

There’s a canal that runs across Delaware, east-west, a little ways south of Wilmington, connecting the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. Delaware residents talk about “above the canal” and “below the canal” which are almost two different worlds, culturally and even meteorogically. North of the canal is mostly urban - Wilmington and suburbs. Below the canal is overwhelmingly rural, with Dover being the only city of any note. And then there’s the Atlantic beaches - Rehoboth, Bethany, Lewes, Dewey. They’re probably Delaware’s main claim to fame, aside from its, um, highway robbery of people driving up and down the Northeast Corridor.

What happens in Delaware?

You pay $0.15/mile in tolls to drive through it on I-95. :frowning:

Exactly! All the way from Vermont with minimal tolls, and then Delaware!

I used to be involved with a community theater group in Maryland. Maryland has an annual one-act play festival. One year, we held it somewhere in Delaware (possibly combining the two states, I forget). I think it was Newark. At the end of the festival, the mayor begged us to consider moving to Delaware.

Washington (state), like Delaware, has no state taxes, but it has user fees and bond referendums out the ying yang. Is this the case in Delaware as well?

Delaware does not exist.

I looked at a job in Delaware, but we decided not to take it. Delaware feels like a bit of the South that accidentally got transplanted up near New Jersey. NASCAR seems to be big, and Wal-Mart. If you’re not near wilmington, it feels boring. Dupont has its world headquarters there. There are some nice beaches, and a weird little piece that ought to be New Jersey on the East Side of Delaware Bay actually belongs tpo Delaware because of geographical definitions. If you don’t have a boat or a balloon, you’d need to drive through Jersey to get to it.

U of D grad here, lived in Newark many years and still live nearby.

Delaware is the only state that has lost the distinction of being smallest.

Above the canal and below the canal are a world apart. Below the canal is often called Lower Delaware or Slower Delaware. The whole peninsula is sedimentary land, very flat, whereas Newcastle County above the canal is quite hilly, though the hills are more frequent than they are high, with Mount Cuba (440 ft) the highest point in the state.

Older Delaware license plates are smaller than normal plates and are black with white letters. Rich people often try to get them.

Delaware is split by the Delaware River into two pieces. The eastern piece is a small fraction of an acre. Nobody goes there.

Northern Delaware part of the Philadelphia Metro Area, and part of the Tri-State area of SE PA, South Jersey and N. Delaware.

Southern DE has nice beaches. Extreme N. Delaware has historic sites dating back to the Revolution. e.g., Brandywine battlefield

The state of Delaware is named after the Delaware River, which courses thru PA/NJ and has its mouth at the Delaware bay, a very nice body of water, supporting an incredible selection of wild life, including blue claw crabs, the blue-blooded cancer-drug supplying horse-shoe crab and numerous sharks… and is a spawning ground for both sharks and bottlenose dolphins, all which can be seen spawning during a nice swim.

The waters are kept temperate from the Gulf Stream.

(I got none of this from an encyclopedia. Long time boater and native Philadelphian now living in S. Jersey)

I once wrote this which I am more certain than ever is very accurate:

I always tell people I have been to every state on the East Coast. That is true except for one notable exception that you can all guess.

I guess I can understand the reason behind it. Some states didn’t want to ratify the Constitution because the Senate gave each state exactly the same number of seats. Maryland and New Jersey were about to squash the whole deal when George Washington himself came up with the idea of “Delaware”. It was declared a no man’s land between Maryland and New Jersey but not part of either of them sort of like the idea behind Washington D.C. They each get one extra Senator and split the Representatives as well and the extra ones are named according to this territory which is kept largely uninhabited. Keeping it uninhabited isn’t a problem because the “land” is really just rocky shoals and coastal wetlands. It is an extremely important migratory bird habitat and this was one of the big successes of the 18th environmentalist movement.

The name Delaware of course is a play on words that should be obvious to any bilingual person or anybody at all in Texas or California. It is a combination of the Spanish word Del (“Of the”) and the English word “Aware”. “Of the Aware” gives away the whole thing but few seem to notice. Political corruption led to other uses through the years. Fictitious corporate headquarters are only the tip of the iceberg.

ahem I am originally from Delaware, I’ll admit, although I haven’t lived there in 20 years or so. People in Delaware were always telling me I really needed to move to California. They were correct.

Suburbs notwithstanding, I recall many parts of Delaware being very very beautiful in the way that New Hope, NJ is beautiful. And the beaches were fun, I grew up going to them. When I went back with my first girlfriend, I realized that existing alongside all the chubby, sticky, noisy families with which I was so familiar were also the most gorgeous gay men, like swans sailing down the boardwalk in their Mapplethorpe t-shirts, down from D.C. for the weekend. Two parallel universes more or less oblivious to each other’s existence. That’s why Rehobeth Beach has such nice restaurants and boutiques. They were completely invisible to me until I came out.

Ah, Delaware…I don’t really miss it at all :smiley: .

Yes, Delaware is very rural except for the northern hub, kind of like N.J.
The accent is a nasal twang. Noisy is pronouned newsy. The town of Houston is pronounced houseton.

Local Jokes:
Delaware, five counties except at high tide.
Delaware, one hundred miles from Washington and one hundred years from Philadelphia.

Dover is home to Dover AFB a major MAC base.
Rehobeth Beach is a major resort town.
P.S. Delaware is great place to live if you’re a Ham Radio Operator; everyone wants to talk to you.

Probably better suited to MPSIMS. Moved.

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I disbelieve in Delaware.

Heh…when I was growing up (in west central PA), we used to go to Rehoboth every year. It was only when I “bloomed” and started to become aware of certain things (and certain boardwalk facilities) that I found out that all that time it was a huge gay vacation mecca…

I live in Delaware, and I was born here.


To quote Wayne’s World:

“Hey…we’re in…Delaware…” :confused: :frowning:

One time, a long, long time ago, my mother and I were playing trivia games after reading about the percentage of Americans who could not name all fifty states. So we tested ourselves; jotting down all the Canadian provinces and territories, and then moved on to the states. I think we both got about forty.

We checked our lists against some authoritive source and discovered that we’d both forgotten Delaware. It’s like a mystery state; I’ve heard of it before, but… it slips the mind entirely. Most states (and Canadian provinces, of course) bring to mind something immediately, whether it be positive or negative:

Idaho famous potatoes, white supremicists, Hemingway
Ohio Kent State, steel mills, the midwest
New Jersey The Shore, Atlantic City, Bruce Springsteen
Arizona deserts, southwest art, Navaho, cactus, western movies
Wisconsin even poor Wisconsin brings to mind something – cheese

But Delaware? Nothing. Nothing but a river, and only from “George Washington crossing the…”

Delaware does not seem to be an entry in my cultural literacy repository.

The only thing that I know for certain occurs in Delaware is that Pennsylvanians go across the border for cheap smokes and booze.

I did interview once for a job in Wilmington. Not terribly impressed with the city.