What the hell happened to MPSIMS?

We got spammed but big time…I think this calls for an emergency clean-up…this twit posted the same thing so many times most of the current threads got moved to Page 2.

Please, whatever you do, don’t respond. Tell a mod like I did.

I feel so violated.

Hold me!

Guess who’s going to get banned next.

Don’t start threads like this, that’s why report this post to a moderator is given.

Looks like somebody is banned.

I am so impressed by this, I think I’m just going to go and become an active member of his forums RIGHT NOW.

I love that “mass prune” feature…

Thanks, Gaudere…I feel better now.

Aslan2, I did report the thread to a mod. But I was so horrified I needed to vent. I did not name the individual who is gone, nor did I provide a link. I just wanted more people to be aware of the situation so they could notify the mods.

Gaudere is my hero…

Man, he was a unfriendly fellow

and I only got to subscribe him to two ‘men of porn’ mailing lists before I saw he was banned.

Son of a…


Has this happened before? I wonder what Cecil can do? Will unca Cecil track the bad guy down via IP adresse? I thought Cecil’s house was safe from this type of thing…

Im in my happy place,happy place, Im in my happy place…

Well, he got kinda touchy when I asked him if by “we” he mean’t “I”.

I guess I was right on target, which is a new one for my handle for this board.

I think The Master has the Pit Bulls and the Big Guns especially for instances like these. It just goes to show we must never let our guard down…we must all do our part to keep our little town safe… :wink:

Aaaawww, you’re all just hiding from the fact that whatshisface is shaking up “The Establishment”!

See? You’ve already so successfully buried him, I can’t remember his name! :wink:

I must have missed all the fun, cause I have no idea what’s being discussed here. Can I get a synopsis?

Damn I missed all the fun :frowning:

Aslan2, why don’t you wait until you’re actually a mod before you start giving people handy hints? As far as I know this kind of thread is just fine as was demonstrated by Gaudere dropping in and not saying anything to Ivylass.

QED: Some idiot with a poster name beginning with V made about 20 duplicate posts of one thread in MPSIMS and made several other duplicates of another thread. I didn’t bother to do an exact count.
He also posted in General Questions a thread entitled go here, which apparently advertised another web site, as it didn’t pose any questions.

Ah, I reported that GQ post. He advertised another site alright, but thoughtfully neglected to include a link. I thought that was nice of him. :smiley:

Peyote Coyote, have you been to the game lately?

Every time I post for it the thread drops like a rock.

I’ve checked it for it, Steelerphan, but I haven’t seen any new posts since the one I made earlier today. I had just assumed that you and the others were doing something else tonight or else had not posted because of doubts about the payment being processed (re: your post in Announcements this morning).

I will go there now and see if I can post.

Hmmm…Can you provide a link or has the thread been closed?

Steelerphan: I just made two test posts and they were accepted. It is possible something is wrong with your computer rather than the game board? Or maybe they just got the problem fixed.