What The Hell Were You Thinking?

One of my friends (age 16) is seven days late on her monthly she thinks she is pregnant I think she is too, well her boyfriend decides that he just wants to be a donor and not a father. well I have liked this girl for sometime now. and it really ticks me off that she would go up and have unprotected sex. well I am begining to get concerned with her emotional state. I am more concerned what is going to happen when she tells her parents. I am supposed to go to the Planned parent hood with her. and basicly it just pisses me off that she would be that stupid to do something like that. and it pisses me off that this young “man” would just ditch her like this. This is just a rant and nothing but a rant and it is liable to get more posts from me as the situation progresses.

I’m sorry your friend made a bad choice, duke. I hope she is not pregnant after all.

Get your friend to Planned Parenthood right away. They are one of the best organizations there is. You’re a good man for being so concerned.