What threads deserve a "Permanent Bump" to FAQ status?

I was inspired by this post on YMMV…huh?

It seemed to be buried, I’m making it more visible.
Also, I’d kind of like to see the responses people might come up with.

So, did anyone send anything in? Anything deserving such status?

I think my old “Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer” thread should permanently go into the FAQ :smiley:

On a more serious note, some things that should be in the FAQ (which I haven’t read for a long time, so please accept my apologies in advance if some of this is already there)…

How do I submit a site for Weird Earl’s / a thread for threadspotting?
What is a sock puppet?
Why can’t I have two usernames?
What should I do before starting a new thread? (Look to see if it’s been done before, put it in the right forum, etc.)

Email TubaDiva@aol.com for either of those.

A sock puppet is an ID by a poster to back up their own posts.

People abuse the system. You can CHANGE your username, though. Ask TubaDiva@aol.com

Before starting a new thread in GQ, search to see if it’s been answered. Before starting one in MPSIMS, well… I dunno. I don’t usually do anything first, but then, I don’t think like other people so the stuff I talk about usually hasn’t been gone over before.


I thought he meant that the questions should be in the FAQ; not that he wanted to know the answer…

ENugent is right. All those things should be in FAQ

The ones mentioned before that get raised a lot already (somebody help with the exact titles) are
"What (& who exactly) are a Mod, Admin, Intern, Tech guy, Staff Researcher)

“How do I qualify for / apply for the above”
“Where the E-zine is”
“Where the picture pages are”
"Acronyms and special words "
“How to post a link” ,how to link to a single post & how to make fancy codes and small print.
“Show me your fancy sig”

Also some technical details.
How do I move something to the right forum. (Which mod, the old or new one?) And how long does it take.
How can I get a mod to edit my post.
Why I can’t get my thread closed. Can I get a locked thread reopened.
How old a thread can I raise. Do I need an excuse?

Gee, awfully knowledgeable for a new guy.

your humble TubaDiva
Curiouser and curiouser!

I know you’re supposed to keep troll outing to the email domain. If you don’t like me knock me off, don’t just keep attacking my simple comments.

I think there should be some mention of the standard questions that come up every month or so.

Like -

How did I get a double post? How do I get rid of it?
How do I prevent it?

Also a list of things that aren’t supported, like the Member List, and HTML, and Users Currently On-line.

What does this error code mean? (and list the ones people have mentioned, usually on the page that says “an email was sent to the techs”)

What does “too many active users” mean? (overload, nothing to be done about it)

How do I turn off email notification?

Why do links in the old threads bring me back to a forum list, and how can I find them? (Search on the thread name, etc)

Oddly enough, I agree with you (seriously!). Seems to me that it would be appropriate to keep a list of significant threads (like the one listed in the current thread “Nominate the most historically significant threads (What did I miss?)”). Perhaps in a section on “What makes the SDMB so great?” Surely that’s a frequently-asked question? And if it’s not entirely factual, so what?

Also, I’d suggest an expanded description of how to use the search command (with a link to the FAQ on the search page, if possible). The vB search feature seems to have some…quirks, shall we say, that make it non-intuitive.

I’m with Zut on the idea of listing Search quirks.
That seems to create a lot of thread questions.

I’d also list any known bugs, like the thing where you can put quotes in the subject, but only if you don’t preview.
And that urls won’t become links unless there’s a space on either end.

Also that the post number is found by hovering over the Quote button, etc.

This thread seems like the same kind of help info.
**Why can’t I back out of Search? http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=48014 **

Oh, you mean sort of like the listing of all past Threadspotting items on the archive page, which already includes the Enterprise/Star Destroyer thread?

Ummm…yeah. That’s exactly what I mean. Since I (ahem) overlooked the Archive page, let me change my suggestion to: how about a link from the FAQ to the Archive?

[sub]Don’t you dare tell me there already is one.[/sub]

And while I’m at it, how about links to a few selected outside sites (snopes comes to mind)?

That’s correct, but thanks for trying to help, Homer.

The piece that was incorrect is my gender - I’m female. Maybe I should switch usernames to something more identifiable.