What threads should be required reading for SDMB History 101

Since I still haven’t cut my posting umbilical cord, I was wondering what you veterans would reccomend as required reading for newbies.

What threads are must reads, in your opinion, if I, and others like me, are to fully comprehend the greatness of this message board.

I have read a few classics, but I am sure I have missed out on many others.

Links would be appreciated.

Let the education begin!

The thread that is most often the first to be posted in these situations is ‘The horror of blimps’ thread. Others will provide link to that far quicker than I can so I won’t bother the hamsters.

There’s the ‘a’ thread.

Two leap immediately to mind.

May 5, 1945 - we shall remember and World Trade Center Plane Crash.

Aw, hell, I misunderstood the OP.

I stand by my links, however.

I recommend you go to the teemingmillions web page and read some of the Classic Posts.

You may also want to read some of Wally’s threads. WallyM7 was a member in the Long, Long Ago days-- he’s the one that the “putz” smiley is named after.

The first page or so of “Are scalar weapons for real?” which spawned the 1920’s style “death rays” meme.

Thank you for those links. I read through the May 5, 1945 thread, having never read it before, and – I’m usually not a deeply emotional sort, but god – I’m sitting here at work, and I’ve got tears in my eyes… where’d the tissues go?

(And thank you, Coldfire, for starting that thread.)

FWIW, that thread definitely should count toward the OP.

Great stuff, as I cry here at my computer. Although the 9/11 thread is still a little to fresh, and it just brings back all those memories of that morning and the days after. I remember the smoke from the Pentagon like it was yesterday. Sorry…

Watershed moments in SDMB history; or, the SDMB Anthology Project is a good place to start for the older ones.

I can’t find these, but they are classics:

The pre-hensile rectum
The rock in the box - I burning your dog.

Two words: Goat Porn