What TV series would you like to see come back?

This is inspired by the what remakes would you like to see thread. We have tons of “new” shows which have been remakes of old shows, or old series which pick up with the original cast.

We have The Connors
Murphy Brown
Will and Grace
Hawaii 5-0
Magnum, P. I.
S. W. A. T.

and perhaps a couple I might have left off. I’d like to see a return of The Rockford Files. What classic series would you Dopers like to see brought back?


There was a planned reboot of The Rockford Files in 2010. They got as far as making a pilot episode with Dermot Mulroney playing Jim Rockford. But the pilot did not work well. Mulroney got dropped and there was some talk of going ahead with Josh Holloway as the lead. But nothing further came of it.

Everything that was great about The Rockford Files came from James Gardner and Noah Beery, Jr. There is no reason to remake the show, especially since they would probably change the signature move from a J-turn in a Sierra Gold Firebird to an physically impossible twenty second drift in a Lamborghini Aventador Superveloce with a metallic lime green wrap because, “produced by Justin Lin”.

I’d like to see a new version of Max Headroom except that everything they satirized in the original has more or less come to pass (it’s true that we have yet to see exploding heads due to ‘blipverts’ but it is only a matter of time until some Silicon Valley company accidentally invents the technology) so I’m not sure that they could make up stories crazier than Russian intelligence hijacking social media to influence elections, which is more in the line of some kind of collaboration between John le Carré and Philip K. Dick.


The Gummi Bears. Maybe even as stylised CGI.


I also think Don’t Trust the B… in Apartment 23 ended way too early. We’re rewatching it on Netflix and it is still producing belly laughs from both of us.

Another one we’re watching on Netflix again right now which I would LOVE to see get a restart and a proper run is Ascension. Fantastic Sci-Fi premise that got shut down after the 3-part mini-series ended because… reasons.

I’d love to see Galavant come back just to wrap up the loose ends from the end of the second season.

Quantum Leap

Might have to wait, as Scott Bakula is currently starring in NCIS New Orleans, unless they reboot QL with a new cast.

And, of course, I did leave one out. MacGyver has also been remade.

It had kind of run it’s course, but I often find myself wishing there were new episodes of House to watch.

Pushing Daisies

Brimstone. They dropped an emotional bombshell on us, then cancelled the series.

I’m not sure exactly how they’d write it, but I’d love “Rome” on HBO to come back.

Northern Exposure. An updated show, in current day Alaska, with global warming concerns, melting glaciers, trailer trash meth labs looking at Russia across the way…(on second thought, maybe not an updated show, sounds grim!) … Though Darren Burrows has actually been working on getting a remake off the ground for years, trying to get the funding. He’s been promising for so long, he could play his own grandfather on the show if it ever gets made.

Apropos of nothing, I noticed some cable station ran a marathon of ‘Roseann’ this past weekend. I guess it was a ‘stick it in your craw’ to them libruls.

I loved Rome and would welcome a return.


Greg The Bunny

“After After MAS*H” is an idea whose time has rightfully come to soothe and heal a troubled nation…

ETA—Huh, who knew? Apparently it was actually entitled just plain ole “After MASH”

Personally I think it would do better as a reboot. Still with self contained stories within the episode but more attention paid to the overall story arc and a planned ending. A planned 2-3 season arc.

Dean Stockwell is 82 and retired. Without him you might as well start over and do it right.