What was the first thing you purchased on Amazon?

Probably a book – that’s all they sold, in those days. More than likely, a field guide to the birds of some distant continent.

It shows that I first ordered some audiobooks for my father back on December 14th, 1998. But I don’t think that can be right because I know I was using it to order books for myself before that.

11/1/2001: Import CD of Axe Victim by Be Bop Deluxe.

This for me too.

In 2005, a subscrption to Bird Talk magazine for a friend’s birthday. Nothing in 2006, then in 2007 started using it regularly. First order that year was a hand-hammered wok.

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I’m feeling really cheated now. My pull-down menu only goes back to 2010.

March 10, 1998 “The Lady” by Anne McCaffrey.

Looks like I bought an Amazon gift card for my mother on Mother’s Day 2001. She lives in another state, so it was probably a gift I could send to her that she could receive in time for Mother’s Day.

April 1, 2000 - The Art of Reasonable Organic Reaction Mechanisms.

The Power Nerd Factor is still strong with this one…

December 30, 1996. I purchased Mog and Bunny.

Huh. Never paid attention to that option.

1999 - JavaScript Bible.

Now, dammit; I’m going to go have to check on what the heck I’ve been doing for the last 17 years.

Some time in the 90s I found Amazon and was amazed how cheap books were even with shipping to Australia. I don’t recall my first purchase but no-one I knew had heard of Amazon when I told them about it. I have now bought hundreds of books over the years but never anything else.

Wow 6 DVDs at £20 each. I don’t recall being so cavalier with money.

“A Guide to the Selected Poems of T.S. Eliot” by B.C. Southam and
“The Cambridge Companion to T.S. Eliot” edited by A. David Moody.
August 1998

However . . .

In December of 1998, I ordered. . . the first three ‘Straight Dope’ books!

December 2003: “The Essential Palm Programming Guide: Quickly Customize or Create Your Own PDA Programs”, by Christian Immler. Oversized trade paperback.

Looks like it was a reference for Hotpaw basic and CASL–wow, that’s retro upon retro now.

I no longer have access to my first Amazon account (forgot the username/password/email for it).

The first thing I bought on my new one from 20013 was this 120gb sata hard drive that I’m still using.

In June of 1997 I bought books two, three and four of Harry Turtledove’s Worldwar series. I remember at the time I had had found book one in my local Barnes & Noble and enjoyed it but they didn’t have the others. I was very paranoid about buying online (remember those days?) and very hesitant but I really wanted the books so I said screw it and did it. After that the flood gates opened and I never looked back :slight_smile:

I actually spent so much with them those first couple of years that they sent me Christmas Gifts in December (at least I always assumed it was because of how much I spent). Two of them were relatively nice Amazon logoed water bottles that I still have.

2/17/2000: a John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman CD

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol I, for my oldest niece on Christmas, back in 2003 (she was 5). Yes, she loved them, was in hysterics half the time to be exact.

2 April, 1997. Three Elmore Leonard books - Swag, LaBrava and Gold Coast.