What was the first thing you purchased on Amazon?

While checking out the order status on a recent Amazon order I realized that on the ‘Your Orders’ screen was a pull-down menu that lists every year you placed an order with the company, enabling you to look back and see your entire ordering history.

The first thing I bought on Amazon was a Lexmark #50 Black Ink Cartridge 17G0050 purchased way back on 3/5/2001.

Purchased directly from Amazon, it cost me $26.94. If I waited 15 years, I could have gotten it for $17.99 which is the selling price today (and as low as $13.79 with shipping from a third party seller which they didn’t have back then, I don’t think).

But that printer is long gone so I don’t think I will take advantage of the savings… :smack: :smiley:

What is the first thing you ordered from Amazon, when was it (does anyone go back farther than I do) and how much less or more would it run you now?

Huh … how about that.

First purchase is some Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman CDs for my grandmother’s Christmas gift. 2001.

Mine is Core Java Vol 1 and 2 back in July 2000, but I’m fairly certain that isn’t my oldest amazon purchase. amazon is older than that and I remember ordering stuff when I was a masters student (late 90’s). I remember when amazon announced they were adding CD’s to their sales and that was a big deal at the time. 1998-ish?

Mine is a 1997 purchase of “The Cipher” by Kathe Koja (which I’m fairly sure I never actually read). It doesn’t give a price though and returns an error if I try to view the invoice.

It does seem flaky though since there’s some research books I know I bought through Amazon but which don’t show in my history. I can believe that 1997 was my first purchase there but there’s obvious holes in my purchase history.

My first couple of orders were for books, back in mid-1998, when I thought of Amazon as an online bookstore (which I still sort of do).

It was December 1998:

Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?
Shel Silverstein
Sold by: Amazon.com LLC

Guess I should mention May 15, 1997 in case someone wants to beat me :smiley:

A card game called Mille Bornes in January of 2002. Twelve bucks then, close to $55 now.

I placed a grand total of ten orders wit them in 2002. I probably do that many in a month now, and with the new Prime free same-day service, there will be more.

October of 1998 – XTC: Song Stories (which I eventually got signed by the band).

November 25, 2000.

Vamp: The Rise and Fall of Theda Bara by our own delightful Doper, Eve Golden for $19.95 (would now be $13.19 for my Kindle).

Which just goes to show that I found my way to Amazon, as to most things on the Internet, through the Straight Dope.

My earliest order is 1999, but I know I ordered earlier, since I was pregnant with my daughter Christmas 1997 when we bought (paper!) gift certificates for the nieces and nephews. We were the cool aunt and uncle.

I’m positive we bought something in 1996 or earlier, when it was only a bookstore.

Cream of the Crop - Best of the Dead Milkmen, on CD, Nov 30 1998.

Oh, the earliest purchase listed was Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart for Nintendo 64

11 May 1999: A. R. Edmonds Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics.

Good times, good times.

November 1995 - this book.

Same here, though the last books I’d have gotten were the Tolkien History of Middle Earth hardcovers.

My account only shows back to 2005, but I know around 1999 I bought a book and got a nice mousepad, with a quote from Groucho Marx:

Two CDs on the same day in 2004: The Best of Mary Hopkin and The Best of Kevin Johnson.

I just realized that January of 2002 is not my first Amazon purchase as I was buying stuff from them before I met my husband, and we met in early 2000.

Oh well…

2 books on the same day, by the same author, February 17, 2011: * Duplicate Effort *and Consequences, both from the Retrieval Artist series by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

It’s actually pretty rare I buy just one thing at a time from Amazon, I usually order a bunch of stuff.

Assuming this is my complete list, it was “No Place Like Home”, Volume Four of Tom Bodett’s American Odyssey an audio cassette in 1996. I’m amazed it wasn’t a book.

I have an “error” message: There’s a problem displaying some of your orders right now