What was your grade for AP studio/3d/2d art?

As a general curiosity, I am wanting to know what your test grade was and what you thought of the class in general. I was incredibly happy with my grade (though pleasantly surprised [More than likely it is not what you think. My grade was LOW.]) and was wondering who on the Dope felt the same.
Also, threads about SAT scores have floated about so I felt there was justification for this one. It is not some superiority thing or someone trying to get attention which is the accusations thrown about on other threads. Just me being curious, that is all.

ZebraShaSha you weren’t in a quiz chat room about one hour ago where you???

Someone with a name I remember as being similar to yours asked me if they knew me, as my name seemed familiar to them. I mentioned that the name I was using at the time is that of a relatively populatr literary character. However their name seemed familiar.

I do not recall…? Naw, I wasn’t, and I would recognize your name if I saw it in a chatroom. You are one of the posters that I look forward to reading their posts so I think I would recognize the name. My name is just made up randomly and out of the blue so chances of it being the same are slim, although I am sure it could happen. Sorry!

If you passed at all, you should be exceedingly proud–AP Studio is a bitch and a half. We have a girl at my school who has made 4s or 5s on 8 AP exams and she made a 2 in studio art.

I am in my own special AP hell right now–I teach AP language and Composition and have been haunting the school for scores for days, only to find out today that they sent my school’s score to a completely different city. I am going absolutely batshit insane with the waiting, and tomorrow I go out of town for a week. Remember, you had to wait on pins and needles for 1 or a handful of scores–I am waiting on pins and needles for a 104!

While we’re talking about AP scores, I just want to brag:

I got a 5 on the AP Psychology exam!
I got a 4 on the AP Statistics exam!
I got a 3 on the AP Spanish exam! (I was hoping to do better, but I had an awful teacher- my Spanish actually got worse this year- so this is about the best I could hope for.

I got a 3 in French (also because I had a crummy teacher) and I was upset about that, but I ended up getting 10 hours of credit from my university for that exam alone. Neat!

[I won’t post my other scores because 1) I don’t like to brag, and 2) they’re not that good anyway.]

It’s been 21 years, but I received a 5 in AP European history (the only one in my class), and a 5 on AP English (the teacher who proctored the exams looked them over before submitting them, and told me I would be lucky if I took a 2 on the English one.) I still have the original score notification. I am utterly pathetic, I know.

I have to admit, I* love* the AP History DBQs (document based questions), and it’s lovely now that basically that is what I have been doing, and will be doing for the rest of my life.

:smiley: :slight_smile: :eek:

Well, while we’re bragging about AP scores (Zebra, you knew it was going to break down into this, didn’t you? :p)

Chemistry: 5
German: 5
Physics B: 4
Lit: 3

I’m sad about the 3 but the rest are all fine. I’m not one of those guys big on analysis, or at least not good analysis of literature.

Ah, then we complement each other! My work in AP Chemistry was so poor, the teacher gently ‘suggested’ that I give the standardised final examination a miss. It would appear then with my strengths in the humanities, yours in the sciences, and both in languages, we could…dare I say it? Rule the world. Does this sound ok with you?


PS As for this college-credit thingie, allow me to release years of bitter annoyance: those two 5s got me…only credit for two history classes, and an exemption from the gut English at my chosen uni. I knew people who took three and four AP exams, only cracked 3s, and ended up with so much course credit they started uni at the sophomore level (one friend who went on to Temple with a handful of 3s in various subjects started out with something like 33 credits.) And I ended up taking the two history courses anyway, as that was my field, and my supervisor said absolutely NOT was I skipping courses I had not covered in high school, nor in AP History, especially when they were essential groundwork for my field.

Being an older and wiser Boodie, I can understand now why the U of D wasn’t all that keen on exempting people right, left, and centre, but at the time it still annoyed me to no end.

But I did get to skip the dreaded E110, though…

I’m spending the weekend with a schoolchum who now grades AP History exams for summer pocket money – it’s a pretty good gig, from what I understand, but you’re half insane by the end of the week. I suppose I ought to do it one of these summers, being more than over-qualified in the dementia department, anyway.