What *will* they think of next, I ask you!?

Finally, I can rest in comfort, knowing that they have finally perfected The Artificial Sphincter.

Hopefully, they make extra large sizes for those who are determined to fit their head up there. :smiley:

Hmm…if it’s removable, you really could go felch yourself.

Figure out a way to tie this one to the Prehensile Rectum pit thread, win a priiiiiiiize.

<voices in Elly’s head>

ProfessorWhoShallRemainNameless: Whatcha got in your bag, there, Elenfair?
Me: A new gadget sir.
PWHRN: What does it do?
Me: Well, if I shove it down your throat, maybe it’ll prevent you from spewing out shit when you talk, because the sphincter you currently have, which by all anatomically-correct accounts should have been closely involved with your rectum has been misplaced and resides around your vocal chords.

</voices in Elly’s head>

(I feel better now. Move along, nothing to see here.)