What would X do? (Where X= anything you want)

New game.

Last month I was having dinner with some friends and we proceeded to start talking about findamentalists. This brought up the “WWJD” slogan that has been going around for the past few years. This friend of mine then said, “No… it’s not WWJD. It’s WWCD.” We were all looking at him wondering, “What the hell is WWCD?” when he said, “What would Cthulhu do?”. We roared and thought that was hilarious.

It got me wondering. What would other people do?

So here is the game:
WWXD? X is anything you would like to put in. Add your own WWXD with a description and an answer.

Here is mine:

“What would Bill the Cat do?”
Answer: Spew up a hairball and say, “Ack Thhhhwppp!”

He’d solve a multivariable equation; that’s what X would do.

WWDD: What Would Darth Vader do? He would Force choke you to death.

Front side of shirt: WWJD?

Back side of shirt: picture of Jackie Chan, smackin’ some stooge with a ladder

These only work for Foreigner fans.

The artwork isn’t mine, it was done by CKTC of The Cherryh Pit.

WWBD…Leapin’ Lizards! He’d get to the bottom of it, i tell you what.

What Would Batman Do?

I’ve always been a fan of

What Would Jesus Do…For a Klondike Bar?

WWED - What Would Elvis Do?

Answer: He’d swivel his hips and mumble “thank you, thank you very much…” then he’d sneer.

WWSD - What would spogga do?
He’d be oh, so nice to me… yes, ME!
WWWD - What would Wodin do?

He’d do whatever the frig he wanted to do, that’s what. He’s a God, for Loki’s sake, sheesh!

WHat would Billy the Kid Do?

WWAWDC: What Would A Woodchuck Do, Chuck? A woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.


What would Jimi Hendrix do?

He’d throw it on the stage, hump it for a while, then light it on fire!

Don’t tell me you never watched What Would You Do?!

Anyway, what would I do? I’d go for the Pie Pod.