What would you assume if someone you were talking to took everything the wrong way?

Theres this kid on my friends list on facebook. I like to conversate with him. He’s a pretty decent guy.

One of our conversations went something like this (this is the really simplified version!!)-

him-" To be honest, i just talk that way. A lot of our family associates with redneck-y backwoods type people."

Me- (busting his balls) “DAMN YA’LL LETS GO HUNTING PIGS!”

him- (getting offended? for no good reason when i was joking?) " Well when you say it like that you make it sound as if we just shoot them for no reason"

Really? Is that what it sounds like guys? Sounds like i made a fucking funny. Does this guy just not like me or whats the dealio? Or does he just have low self confidence and take everything personally?

The correct response was- “Hell yeah! Well not really, we actually use em for bacon( or whatever) you should come shooting with us some time.”

That was the CORRECT response^

I’d think my lack of apostrophes and capitalization screwed up what I was trying to say.

You just jumped the shark my friend.

i don’t get your response.

ah people on the internet.

Concerned about the finer things in life.

If someone took everything I said the wrong way, I’d probably decide to spend some time on introspection and think maybe he thought I was an unfunny jerk, then I might wonder if I struck other people this way too. And then I’d vow never to use the word conversate again.

You’re just not funny.

I would vow never to use or even think the word “dealio” again.

The amount of seriouss responses in this thread is low.

Really? I hadn’t noticed.

It’s called “cheap humor” it’s the type of joke where you say it and even if it really isn’t that funny you still give it a little pity chuckle, because that’s what people do.

Even if it wasn’t funny he didn’t need to get so upset about a response that was clearly fun?

Why did he get upset about a response that was clearly meant to be fun?

The amount of seriousssness is low.

typo man.

Chill down guys.

Damn, can’t even make a typo.


Just because something is clear to you that it was meant to be funny, does not mean it is. Perhaps he’s just had it with your unfunny and that was the final straw. I’ll give someone a mercy chuckle only so many times before it’s time to tell them to STFU.

If it was the “final straw” then he would’ve said something more. He wouldn’t have just been rude. Unless that means he’s a rude person.

The “polite” thing to do would be " hey man, i don’t appreciate jokes like that about my heritage. You say shit like that all the time, and honestly? It’s not funny."

Not “You make it sound as if we kill the pigs.”

Like that just makes HIM sound like an assumptuous jerk ASSUMING that’s what i meant for it to sound like.

C’mon, squeal like a pig! I know you kin do it! Go “weeeee!”

pity chuckle


If someone I was talking to took my little jokes the wrong way all the time, I would stop making them. But that’s just me. I like to think I’m sensitive to how others feel.

Perhaps though, he will do you a favour, and just unfriend you so that you don’t have to deal with the trauma of his not getting your scintillating humour.

There’s no joke to your “joke.” Making fun of people can be funny, but if this is a good example in your opinion, you ought to just skip it.

What would you assume if someone you were talking to took everything the wrong way?

I’d assume I was talking to my wife.