What would you do? Bad, bad, bad beck's CNA is gonna get herself in trouble. I see it coming. She's very good to me, so I really hate this

My favorite CNA is supposed to be with me anytime I’m out of my room. And in my room during showers and food intake.
She’s very sweet and funny. I could say I’m very fond of her.

She’s slipping closer to the crack in the proverbial icy pond.

I go out twice a day. After morning rehab she takes me to the dayroom or the courtyard, weather permitting.
She leaves to have her lunch and I play with the cats.
And comes back to get me. Very punctual. I go to my room to eat and clean up a bit and nap.

Now here’s the thing, at my evening walkabout and out to visit the cats she doesn’t take me toward the courtyard. We go to a staff only door. That is in the front corner. Turn the corner and it’s in the staff parking lot. There’s a bench or two. I sit on one. And she goes to her car.
The first time I thought it would be the only time.
It’s happened seven or so times.

It’s longer and longer periods of time.
This evening it was about an hour.
I was getting very warm and I went to the staff door. You have to have a code to get in.
So I walked around and walked in to the front door and rode the elevator up.

She got really mad at me. She said I could get her fired.

She doesn’t smoke cigarettes.
So I think she’s drinking.

Seriously is this my fault at all?

If you are driving your CNA to take to the bottle I think you could quietly note that down as a commendable achievement. :star_struck:

I never thought of that. I am exasperating.

Do you perhaps wear an alert pendant? If you need to get in and she’s not there, use that to summon help.

You’re not doing anything to her, she’s neglecting someone she’s accepted responsibility for.

you are to be accompanied when you are out of your room. Pretty sure she is not following that directive since she is leaving you alone to do what ever. It doesn’t really matter what she is doing if she is not with you. That is what will get her fired, nice lady or not.

Might be drinking (though you might be able to smell that on her breath when she comes back from her car). She might also be texting or calling her lover, or taking a nap.

Regardless, it’s not your fault.

Also, if she’s taking you to the parking lot instead of to the courtyard with the cats, she’s preventing you from getting your Cat Time (as well as preventing the cats from getting their Beck Time.)

Can you talk to her about this? Maybe there’s some way to accomplish whatever she’s trying to do (if it’s not getting incapably drunk, which I think you’d have noticed) without serious neglect of her duties.

If you collapse in the parking lot or while trying to get back to shelter on your own, she’s going to get into a shitload more trouble. And, of course, so may you. We want our Beck to stay with us! And to get her cat visits.

My son was a CNA at a nursing home. They are very low-paid for the work they do. It also took a real toll on his back, which is when he started on prescribed opioids, and then transitioned to illicit opioids. Not saying your CNA is using; she may just be exhausted and takes a nap in her car that gets away from her at times. Perhaps she’s working a second job at night. Have a frank discussion with her.

Or talk about Corn-Dogs, if you prefer.

Don’t be a weenie.

Is that the Wurst you could come up with???

I did talk try o her this morning. She apologized.
Although, I think she’s gonna get fired. She’s had been seen on camera. She’s been called to the office.

Dang it, I like her.

PS- don’t worry about me. I had many things I could’ve done to save myself. I do have a personal alarm. My CGM can actually make a call for help.

And then there’s the ankle alarm.
And I always have phones with me.

Yesterday I just was not wanting to make a scene.

She might be smoking, only not tobacco.

She is clearly doing something that is against the rules. The next violation could be an action that harms you.

She may figure you would have too much difficulty speaking to report her wrong-doing. Remind her, “I can always write it down.”

I’m righteously pissed off for you!


I’m kinda pissed now.

I had to make an official statement. Apparently it’s kinda hard to fire someone.

And she threw me under the bus.
She told them, (I heard the recording)
I asked her to walk me out front those times.

Win, Place & Show. 2 more and your punch-card is full.

Whew! I better call my Bookie.

Well, I inherited him from Daddy. But he likes me. He actually paid me some of Daddy’s winnings after he died.
That’s what I call some loyalty, right there!

And, Mr. Fishface, I’m just trying to break even out here🫣

Exactly this. Yes, she could get herself fired. But, she’s not following her orders and she needs to be. What if she walks away to her car and you have a seizure? I understand her job may not be the most exciting in the world (well, with you to look after, maybe it is :wink: ), but she needs to do her job and not snooze or text in her car. She can sit on the bench and text.

Then she’s not as nice as you thought.

Yeah, I agree.
I’m such a pushover.
And I was nice to her.

I gave her tips to get me things out of the ordinary.
(As in NOT John Wayne toilet paper)