What would you do if you cleaner was trying to curse you?

Around six months ago I employed a new cleaner.

She has been magnificent at the cleaning; however for around a month she has been surreptitiously trying to put a curse on me using folk magic.

As I don’t believe in all that stuff I am not worried about the curse. But I can’t help but feel I should do something about this… at least have a word with her.

On the other hand she is doing a wonderful job of cleaning and it isn’t up to me to pry into her private beliefs.


So, why is she trying to curse you? This doesn’t strike me as something people just go and do to random people.

How do you know it’s a curse, and not something else?

Need more information. What exactly is she doing to make you think she’s cursing you with folk magic? Then perhaps the appropriate response can be ascertained.

If she’s really trying to curse you, you should fire her. Why employ a cleaner who harbors ill-will toward you?

But then again, I think menial servants often resent their employers so. shrugs

I’d sic my pig, Noelle, on her.
Is her name Carlotta, by any chance?

There is something about this thread right now that is cracking me up. Your cleaner is cursing you. :stuck_out_tongue: What did you do? Have you been leaving skid marks, missing the toilet seat, hawking loogies into the kitchen sink… what?

Have you considered putting a curse back on her? You could make a little cloth doll dressed in a maid’s uniform and stick a pin through it’s tiny little wallet right in front of her. Or cut it’s little head off and stick it in her next pay envelope. You could really have fun with this. But I, for one, really want to know what you did to piss her off.

I’d get a new cleaner. If she’s be willing to curse you, she’d probably be willing to give your toothbrush a little toilet bowl tour.

If my Lysol can starts to chant ominously to me in an unknown language, yes I probably need to call an exorcist.

I wouldn’t want her “helping” her curses to work, so I’d be wary of having her continue to work for me. But you should make sure they are really curses before letting her go.

Whether you believe in curses or not, why would you keep her around? She sounds unbalanced. There are plenty other good cleaners who could use work.

Also, I’m not clear how you know she’s cursing you in the first place. Is she waving a decapitated chicken at you? Did you uncover a voodoo doll of yourself among her things?

Maybe it isn’t a curse at all, but is an aura?

Sorry, I may have been playing too much Warcraft lately…

You should seduce her. Is she hot?

Fire her crazy ass?

Maybe she’s seducing him. You think your post was free will, but maybe you’re just dancing on the strings of her magic.

Yes, inquiring minds want to know. How do you know she’s cursing you and not, say, trying to seduce you or purge your home of some unknown (to you, anyway) evil?

Already thought of that - I take my toothbrush to work most days :slight_smile:

There are a hundred other ways someone could screw with you if you let them into your home. Are you going to elaborate on why you think she’s cursing you, or are you just jerking us around?

I gotta subscribe to this puppy.

Really, we need more info. Is she stealing your hair or nail clippings? Maybe your clothing? Have you found dead animals or mystic symbols writ’ in blood?