What would you give to meet Cecil?

Assuming that there IS a Cecil and he’s not an amalgamat…(oops, I’m not even supposed to THINK that.)
Cancel all blasphemous thoughts, cancel all…

What would you(out of 13,351 members as of this date) give to spend a week with Cecil?
It would be a one-time-only offer.
Never happen again.

What would you give up? A pinky? An ear? Would you allow Cecil to put a choke-chain and knee pads on you and follow him around on all fours and fight off pit bulls that irritate him?
Would you femmes(and butches) give up your virginity? (Assuming that such a thing exists.) Yeah, femmes means straight chicks,too. Okay, include gay dudes, too. What have I gotten myself into?

Would you enter a tough-person elimination with the other 13,350 members,knowing that the last one standing gets a week with Cecil?

Just how slimy and mean would you get to spend time with Cecil?
No holds barred, please.


I’d give all the money that I’ve spent on his books.

Oh, and some of the time I spend on these boards. But just some.

Uh… a damn?

Your left nut :eek: !

A fiddler’s fart.

Or this post, if he’ll take it.

Well, considering that I’d have to take time off work and probably time away from my family… I’d have to charge him my usual consulting fees, travel expenses and of course a per diem.

Have Cecil call my secretary to find out what week I am free.

A week? I wouldn’t spend a week with him. Maybe a couple hours. In that case Id come to Chicago to see him, I suppose, although since no one seems to know who he is, how would I know who to meet?

I’d let him spend a night with Anniz. :slight_smile:

(Remember, I have an open invitation to kiss his ass, if he wishes, too.)

Half a ham sandwich. If it was made with mayo. If it was mustard, then, maybe he’d settle for the chips.

I would give my unicorn and… ALL me lucky charms.

A book of Cecil’s choice from my library. And I wouldn’t even hide the best ones.