What would you wish for?

Proving that I have too much time on my hands and
joining the eclectic group of dumb questioners, I pose this question for you. If you had three wishes (no you can’t wish for more wishes) what would they be?

A bunch o’ money.
My college girlfriend as my wife.
Whirled Peas.

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Tons o money
Magical powers

Although I’m pretty sure this question belongs in another forum…

  1. Perfect health
  2. mind-bogglingly good luck

That’s pretty much it. Maybe I’d offer to free the genie from the bottle as my third wish if he didn’t play any games with my first two wished.



I’d like the Powers of Superman in the current universe with no real Kryptonite or Super Villains.

The ability to heal
The gift of tongues
To win Powerball

Faster hamsters
Lifetime free coffee @ Starbucks
Trailer hitch for my truck

To be in control of everything in this universe (I want to be the local god)

If I could have that, what more would I need?

The ability to see through items made from lead
Invulnerability to kryptonite
Freedom from reliance on yellow sun radiation.

  1. Financial comfort for the rest of my life no matter what!

  2. Eternal, perfect health.

  3. Fearlessness.

  1. The ability to turn invisible at will.

  2. No money worries.

  3. A world where people would read the forurm descriptions.

Off to IMHO.

DrMatrix - General Questions Moderator

That is the best thing I have seen in a long while. I now am doomed to spend the day thinking about rapid rodentia…

a job
lots of money (and then maybe no job)

  1. Good health
  2. Financial security
  3. A loving wife

I figure as long as I have these three wishes my other subsequent wishes can come about easily enough.

  1. A peaceful way out of the current political situation.

  2. An end to poverty, or at least the starving-in-the-streets sort of poverty (I would feel guilty putting my own shabby-genteel grad student existence in the same category, although if the Wish Fairy wants to give me some extra money I wouldn’t say no).

  3. Permission to live and work wherever in the world I like.

  1. Just enough money so I could take very good care of me and the rest of the fam for decades.

  2. Just one campus to pay me well enough so I would have to juggle two of them.

  3. A cure for Alzheimer’s.

Well, I already have extreme good looks…


  1. Peace and joy for all mankind. (Tons of money)

  2. An end to war. (Babes)

  3. No more human frailties of any kind, including death. (Selective mind reading ability)

[li]$50M Tax Free in a Swiss bank account[/li][li]Long, happy, healthy lives for my family, my friends and myself[/li][li]A world devoid of tyranny, violence and harm to children[/li][/ul]

  1. A ridiculously large amount of money plus a proportionately ridiculous guaranteed annual income for as long as I lived.

  2. Immortality. :slight_smile:

  3. The ability to instantly absorb all information contained within a book / CD / Appropriate data storage device merely by touching it.

If I only got one wish I’d choose number 3. Too much stuff I want to learn, so little time…