Whatcha Playin' in October '08

Welcome back to a monthly thread for dopers to check in and discuss what games they’ve been playing lately. Here’s the previous threads:


The thread is not limited to any particular type of game. Video, computer, board, card, role-playing, war, fantasy league, or whatever your playing preference is.

Last time I provided details I was playing Persona 3: FES and I just completed the original game portion of it. I wound up not being as enthusiastic about it in the end since once I got a handle on the options they lost their significance and I was never sure how much combat I should engage in for each in game month. I wound up spending a lot of time grinding up levels that weren’t necessary but I couldn’t be certain about it until I was at the end of the next section.

The last boss was a monster as well with over a dozen forms and several of them essentially being dice tosses if you can successfully get past them. It was an hour and a half fight that I made to the last few attacks multiple times and then suddenly had someone hit with a status effect that I never got a chance to counter before it ruined me.

Still I liked the game a lot. It was a nice merger of the dating sim mechanics and RPG. If it had been paced better I would call it perfect, but as it stands it is a very interesting title.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to play next. It is very likely I’ll pick up a new game tomorrow. Lost in Blue for the Wii is a real option for me, but I don’t know if I’m in the mood for an adventure game after Persona. It might be a situation where I’ll just take twenty bucks to the used game rack and pick out whatever sounds quirky or entertaining.

So, it’s your turn. Whatcha playin’?

Rock Band 2. Only by accident of having an XBox 360, of course, as Harmonix elected to release the game to that platform before their new instruments were ready. Not sure why PS3 and Wii didn’t get that same consideration.

I’d give the game a positive review, although I’d really call the game Rock Band 1.5 if I wanted to be snarky. There’s nothing particularly new about the gameplay, although since that was RB1’s strength that’s a generally good thing. RB2 has added “Band Challenges” to its Tour Mode, in some of which your band must have a designated one of the four instruments present. I think is an improvement; it encourages those who get too comfortable with guitar to try singing or drums. It appears that a slightly lower score is needed to get Gold Stars on Expert, but all that means is that now you can miss two notes instead of one early on and still Gold Star the song. Otherwise there’s little new insofar as actual play is involved.

The real improvement is in the songs themselves. Overall I think RB2’s setlist is an improvement on RB1. There also seems to be a wider range of difficulty between the top and bottom ends of the list. For example, there were only about four or five songs I ever got 100% on Hard difficulty on in RB1, but only a couple weeks in I’ve already gotten that many in RB2, with another five or so I’ve scored 99% on. On the other end of the scale, “Painkiller” is about as difficult as anything I’ve ever seen in the generally more hand-breaking Guitar Hero series, and apparently that’s not even the toughest song. There also seems to be a much bigger gulf between Hard and Expert in RB2–a few times when I’ve tried a song in Expert that I’ve aced in Hard, I’ve struggled a bit. What does this mean? There’s significantly more challenge for expert players, but it’s still a fun game for parties and more casual players. I think Harmonix is to be commended for that.

Lastly, Harmonix also has to be commended for the sheer volume of new songs they’re making available. Last week they released a full album and six singles; this week they released an album of 16 songs. They’re claiming that they’ll have over 500 songs available either on the set lists or through downloads by the end of the year. By any measure, it’s a very deep game now.

Warhammer Online.

A large number of my old DAoC buddies are playing this, and I’m having more fun than I’ve had since the glory days of Pre-Trials Of Atlantis DAoC.

My brother in law kindly bought me Tiger Woods '09 for our Wii. It has online play, so I’m hoping to get to tee off against him and others.

With the exception of online play, it’s a lot like Tiger Woods '08 (which I don’t own, but have played). I’ve played a few online games, but haven’t really built up my guy yet (but he does look a lot like me). I like designing my golfer, and the game mechanics are a ton more fun than just button pushing, but it seems a bit of the same ole, same ole. Maybe I’ll try the more difficult settings. But I do like the ability to play online.

I finished Too Human late last month.

I’m now continuing “Hitman: Blood Money”. It’s pretty fun, though, it doesn’t always alert you to win someone witnesses you kill or drag a dead body even though it’s supposed to. I thought for certain I had stealth assassin on the riverboat level, but apparently someone identified me without my suspicion meeter going up.

I’ve also started “The Darkness”. So far it’s pretty fun.

Lord of the Rings Online and occasionally, Rock Band 1. My main toon in LOTRO is a L32 elven female hunter. My alt is a L25 human female burglar. I’ve also been trying to work on Hard difficulty on the guitar in RB1 (but I’m still mostly on Medium with the drums).

Now and for the foreseeable future, World of Warcraft and D&D4E. Maybe a little Diablo II thrown in for variety.

Madden '09 and MLB: The Show '08 on the PS3. With an occasional foray into *GTA IV *(but I beat that a month and a half ago and it just doesn’t seem to have the replayability of *San Andreas *… but I digress).

Axis and Allies on the PC. And every so often Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.

I have a stack of games I have at the ready, but I haven’t seemed to really play many of them lately. These games include:

Tiger Woods 08
The Movies: Stunts edition
Silent Hunter III
World in Conflict
Age of Empires III

World of Warhammer Online: Age of the Lich Reckoning (yah, I’m playing both on and off)
Mass Effect (2nd play through)
Oblivion (still…)

Fallout3 preordered!

Fallout 3 pre-ordered too! :slight_smile:

Actually playing:

Neverwinter Nights 2

Oblivion (thanks to an inconsiderate thread by a certain doper that got me started up again. This time with all sorts of mods!)

Crysis - Warhead. Best. Looking. FPS. on ANY platform. Period.

Medieval II total War. I just got my behind handed to me by the scots. The SCOTS for chrissakes!

My husband got a free, unopened copy of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from a coworker that I’m tempted to give a try. I’m trying very hard to avoid opening the box and installing it. I have plenty of other games to play, and if I like it, I’ll just get sucked in. Help me resist!

I don’t know if this counts, since it’s not a smashy slashy game, but I’ve been playing FallenSword for a bit over a year now and it’s only getting better as my levels increase.

I also play Animal Crossing: Wild World on my DS, but I’m kind of losing interest in that.

Everything counts. :slight_smile:

The page doesn’t give a lot of info on FallenSword. Is it a BBS style game where you get a certain number of moves a day or a flash based MMO or something else entirely?

The first. I think it’s a “turn-based MMORPG”.

You get a limited amount of “stamina” which is your limit of moves, but you can increase it in various ways, like by joining a guild that has certain structures built, and, of course, by getting out the credit card and paying. The game is technically free and there are lots of people who can’t or won’t pay, but most people end up buying at least a few FSP, little pink blobs that are a sort of currency. You can get them in-game in exchange for the gold you get from creatures or other players, but they’re fairly expensive. Stamina rebuilds every hour and you can increase both the rate at which it increases and the amount you can accumulate. It costs one stam to move from square to square, and a varying amount to whack a creature. You can change the amount of stamina you use in a few different ways.

It’s like D&D, you have a character and you start off with pretty much nothing, then you kill creatures and do quests and get gold and better gear. The big difference is there aren’t any graphics for battles; it’s not like WoW where you make your character swing a sword or anything. You just click on the critter you want to fight and you get the results of the battle. Same thing with PvP, except that they’ll probably hit you back or put a bounty on you. Not everyone does PvP; some guilds encourage it more than others.

I haven’t played any other online games other than the old Ravenblack vampire game, so I’m not sure how to describe FS. I’m happy to answer any questions!

Too late to edit, but here’s a wiki that may shed some light.

Right now, King’s Bounty. Very much a game in the flavor of the original (which was the little-known prequel to the series that became Heroes of Might and Magic). Done by yet another one of those random Eastern European companies that keeps churning out pretty decent strategy games.

It’s basically HOMM with the overland map being real-time, and a bit more RPGish overall. Surprisingly good, I’d definitely recommend if you’re into the genre.

I’m currently playing Civilisation IV: Colonisation (Hurrah for Colonialism! :D) and Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures which is a great, fun little game that my brother got me as a birthday present, knowing as he does my liking of all things Indiana Jones.

Both these games, of course, are just appetisers for Fallout 3 and FarCry 2, due out in a fortnight or so…