Whatcha watchin' on Hulu?

I’m pretty much enamored with hulu. I basically completely missed out on *Arrested Development *the first time around, after having caught only a few episodes and was not following the storyline. So, I started from scratch, watched from the very beginning, and now I realize what everyone was so enthusiastic about. That show is hilarious. What a brilliant ensemble cast. There isn’t a weak character in the bunch.

Hulu must have some gigantic server farms and pipes. Between Netflix, cable, network TV, and internet streaming video, I am overwhelmed with great content. Anyone else watching anything on hulu?

Hulu is how I finally saw “Arrested Development” as well. Great show.

Right now (as in, at this moment in another browser window) I’m watching episode one of “Wired Science”. They’ve just added some episodes of NOVA and “Scientific American Frontiers” as well.

I gave “Bones” a try, but didn’t like it much. I catch an episode of “The Daily Show” or “The Colbert Report” now and then. I’ve been watching “Battlestar Galactica” on Hulu as well.

I wanted to watch “My Name is Earl”, since I’ve heard good things about the show, but they only have a handful of episodes and they’re all from season three.

Overall they’re doing ok in selection, but they really need a few more A-list shows and fewer 1980’s nostalgia shows.

Darryl L.: THANKS! WOW! I had never even heard of hulu before and now I’m signed up. This is excellent. I am really looking forward to checking our Arrested Development and going back through my WKRP faves!

I’ve been catching up on some episodes of The Office and Colbert Report I missed. I just found out about this thing earlier this week. It’s great.

Arrested Development for me, too. I had never watched more than one or two episodes before I discovered Hulu. I am now about half way through the second season, and I think that the show is just great!

So, how much does it run?

Absolutely nothing, as far as I can tell. I signed up earlier today and had to provide VERY little info. No credit card or committment required.

I watched Season 4 of The Office & some Arrested Development. (I do wish they had earlier seasons of The Office as well.)

I’ve been watching Simon and Simon, that show still holds up well.

Also planing on catching up on The Office. I quit watching it last season when they transferred Jim, but I’ve caught a few reruns recently and they were good. Gonna watch the rest of this season.

And yes, Hulu.com is free and I love it, when my Internet connection cooperates that is.

I was looking through the Hulu offerings, and noted that they had at least some old episodes of “It Takes a Thief”, a Robert Wagner vehicle. I took a look at the program descriptions, and shortly was watching a scene that I recall watching at a friends house, when I was eleven
(1986, to be specific).

In the first few minutes of the episode, just as I recalled, Al Monday (Wagner) is receiving a briefing at a park bench from his parole officer/controller (the show was a Cold War spy vs. thief kind of deal - never mind) and was introduced to a beautiful blonde whose father was - again, never mind.

The reason this stuck with me was that it was the very first time I ever looked at a beautiful woman as a beautiful woman (“Hmmm…”). I’ve been watching beautiful woman ever since.

I was pleased to see that she was indeed every bit as lovely as my eleven-year-old self thought she was.

Emergency!, which brings me back to my childhood, Bones (season 1, which I didn’t catch the first time around), Murder One and Life.

I tried watching an episode of Jack of all Trades, with Bruce Campbell as a secret agent sent by Thomas Jefferson to defeat Napoleon, but it was just a little too goofy for me.

I saw finally saw the first and second season of “the practice”.

I’m making my way through “Arrested Development.”

I’ve been sending most people there to watch “Firefly.”

Great! I didn’t even notice Firefly! I had started watching *Firefly *on Netflix, but I hate watching TV episodes on rental. Streaming video is definitely the way to go. I’m also watching Dexter on Netflix streaming video.

Holy crap, why didn’t I know about this already? Bye everyone!

Not available outside the USA.

I have been a huge Hulu fan for a while now. Among other random things here and there, I’ve caught up on the early seasons of American Dad, Babylon 5, and Psych. Stuff that I missed the first time by, would likely not have bought on DVD… but am perfectly glad to watch at streaming quality with 15-30 seconds of ads in each break.

All other networks should take a sign from NBC and Fox on this one. This is the way to go, IMO.

Do they have all of Arrested Development?

I’m going to go check if I can pull it up on the big screen through my Wii. I’ll report back later - how much later depending on if it works or not :cool:.


Oh wait, I found a video that shows you how to make it work.

I’m another Arrested Development latecomer thanks to Hulu, and you can add my sister since I forced her to watch it with me when I reran the whole thing again. Amazing show.

Besides AD, I’m enjoying the third season of NewsRadio, a show I’ve loved for years but for some reason never bought the third season on DVD. Not sure why they’re missing a few episodes from each season, though – including the “Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor” ep that’s only one of the most famous, top three episodes of the whole series!

Next up will probably be the wonderful one-season drama American Gothic, which I haven’t seen in a decade, and possibly Murder One.

It’s a great service. Though I do wish they’d alternate the commercials a bit. Watching AD I don’t know how many times I saw that dog-licking-feet commercial, not to mention a billion Reece’s spots. Ah well, whatever keeps it free.