What's a bad thing about your ex Wife/Husband/BF/GF?

She was too sensitive. WAY too sensitive. Sensitive to the point where if you said something a long the lines of “Great dinner, the mean was a bit rough, but really, hon, you’ve outdone yourself. The entire meal was delish. It was truly excellent.”

Her response would be along the lines of:
“What!? The meat was rough? OOOHHH!!! Why do I try? I’m a terrible cook! I have no reason to live!”
Okay, maybe a slight hyperbole there, but you get the idea.

My ex bf was 45 years old, lived in a one bedroom apartment with his mother, but insisted that she was just up visiting from Florida (for 18 months and counting), was an alcoholic and had erectile dysfunction. Other than that and the fact the he was easily insulted, he was fine.

she was a whore

My wife doesn’t give me enough sex. I mean, is 4 or 5 times a day too much to ask? Sheesh. :wink:

Never made me laugh. Didn’t like the Simpsons!!

Wouldn’t listen to Tenacious D cd “people up in city hall” song because she doesn’t like "when people complain about politics n stuff!!!

I love Mr. Tech and he can do no wrong.
JuanitaTech, bearing in mind there are only sixty-one shopping days until Christmas.

Her temper. Her anger went from 0 to 666 in 1.2 seconds flat, and she could sustain hellbent, screaming & throwing objects fury for an unbelievable period of time. Her capacity for fury really was quite impressive - on the rare occassions I get pissed to that degree, it can only be maintained for a few minutes before I’m exhausted. She’s like the Energizer Bunny from Hell.

Of course, she had other Energizer Bunny-like qualities as well, which is probably why I put up with that crap for so long…

I only dated one person that really was a mess and eventually her alcoholic fits of meanness offset my obsession with her magnificent tits and ass. Good looking, witty and just a real fucking bitch.

She told me I wasn’t a “real” lesbian because sometimes I fantasized about men.

Every time I felt bad about something, she took that as her cue to launch into a “You think YOU have it bad, well, I…” rant.

She took everything personally. You know the type. Everything was about her.

She was bad with money and wouldn’t listen to my advice.

She ran to someone else as soon as things got rough.

He was lazy and verbally abusive. Also, his breath was horrible a large part of the time and his feet were ugly.

He turned out to be a mama’s boy. At the age of 42. And I had no idea for a solid year. It was a hell of a shock, really.

My ex-wife didn’t realize how good she had it and decided she’d con 1/3 of the heavenly host into helping her attempt to overthrow God.

Didn’t work though.

I have an ex that I just can’t bear to even look at when I see her in public. She’s still hot, and it irks the hell out of me.

My husband is completely inconsiderate of my feelings. Once he made sure he knew how to get to a party that i was to show up to as soon as i was done with work, well needless to say he gave me directions that were not even in the same township!

My ex stridently believed that love means never having to suppress a fart.

niblet_head, I think we may know each other. :slight_smile:

I’ve had exes that lacked self-esteem completely.

I had an ex that was borderline alcoholic.

I had an ex that was bad in the sack.

I remember these things when I ever start to doubt that I enjoy the fact that I’m currently single! :smiley:

The one I spent the longest with:

  • Rage mode (and she was/is strong); she decked me (out cold) with a single punch once,

  • Insisted on maintaining an off-the-books business (dog grooming and kennel); while we’re still friendly years after the split, she still does this and I don’t want to have to deal with it if the jig’s ever up.

College GF:

  • Continually tried to make me act more macho than I felt like being. She was a true hottie, and had no trouble picking fights for me. Damn, I hated that! Years later her brother told me she did the same thing to him.

This is depressing. I’m gonna go find a GQ or a light, fluffy after-dinner thread in MPSIMS.

Oh, where to begin!

He was a crack addict, an adulterer (serial!)
bad temper,
bossy, used me for my money, and so on

glad he’s gone.

He’ll have been dead 10 years next month.

I have what is quite possibly the meanest ex ever. He used to pick fights with other men and say that he was mean enough to buttfu** Jesus. And he is, too.

He always asked me to do his homework. Even when we were broken up, for God’s sake. He didn’t stop until, on the advice of someone on this board, I gave him a bunch of wrong answers.

He wouldn’t wear a condom after the first time, when it broke.

He was emotionally abusive–well, okay, I don’t want to throw around the buzzword. He yelled at me once because I fell asleep at the computer. At 3am. Totally ripped into me, told me I was worthless and all that. This during the pregnancy scare week I had right after losing my virginity.

He cheated on me, though I didn’t find out until after we had already broken up.

He used a shitload of drugs–everything he could get his hands on–and basically destroyed almost all of the intelligence and creativity that he had within two years.