Whats a good hangover cure?

Not sure this is the right place to post this but a hangover cure would be really handy right now as I am at work and feel awful!!

For bonus points, find a cure using things that I am likely to have knocking around the office!

Unfortunately, the only hangover cure that really works requires you to
a.) go back in time, to the night before
b.) not drink so much.

Any other hangover cure, whether a home remedy or a store-bought one, is pretty much useless. Drinking lots of water supposedly is the cure-all, but time is your only sure bet.

Under http://www.soyouwanna.com/site/syws/hangover/hangover4.html

  1. Go back to bed.
  2. No more alcohol.
  3. No coffee.
  4. Quaff the Ultimate Hangover Cure.


How much of this do you have around the office?

You’re only recourse is to get drunk again. If you have a bottle of chilled champagne lying around the office, pop that bastard open and have a flute or two. You’ll be right as rain in no time. Otherwise, just tough it out or go home and sleep until its all over.

Not a great deal!! I might be able to rustle up some milk but thats about it!
I suppose there is a couch in reception that could serve for a bed! Not sure what the MD would think of me gonig there for a kip tho…

I have hang-overs at work all the time. Here’s my cure. A small bag of pretzels or potato chips and a bottle of tea, OJ or grapefruit juice.

Always works for me…


Gatorade or something similar to help rehydrate you. Take some aspirin like pain killer. I personally find a couple of espresso shots help take the edge off, although the caffiene will dehydrate you.

It may be different for different people but here’s mine:

  • 2 Extra Strength Excedrin (aspirin may help but Excedrin is the way to go…50% aspirin, 50% acetominiphan and caffeine).

  • Choke down the Excedrin with Gatorade

  • Eat an apple or drink some fruit juice

  • Eat some greasy food (McDonalds or something)
    A real big help is to have a little more alcohol but that may not be possible at work. Still a Bloody Mary or two can do wonders (with a hangover the thought of more alcholo is usually repellant to me so hiding it in a drink like a Bloody Mary or Mimosa is the way to go plus you get the benefit of some fruit juice).

In the end nothing but time will really do the trick (you play you pay). Still, the above is the best legal way I know of to take the edge off a hangover.

I know it’s too late now, but I am assuming that you fully intend to punish your head with more drinking tonight.

Try drinking a pint (UK pint) of water before you go to sleep after a night of boozing - it makes a big difference in the morning.

Whack-a-Mole is on the right track…here’s mine:

Right before I collapse into bed, I:

  1. take aspirin and a multi vitamin
  2. drink as much water as I can possibly stand (I try to get myself to choke down 3 glasses, but the drunk me fights back a lot)
  3. whenever I wake up in the middle of the night to pee (thus far, no major accidents :D), I drink another glass of water
  4. In the morning, more aspirin and vitamins
  5. Coffee and a big greasy breakfast

I’m usually pretty good at that point - it really works…

You want the real, no nonsense, cure?

You don’t mind looking like a fool employing this technique?

Drink some pedialyte. It’s a baby formula that’s loaded with weirdo stuff I can’t even begin to explain.

But, someone recommended it here a while back, and as God is my witness, as much as I laughed at the idea, I actually got around to trying it.

The damn stuff works.

And it doesn’t work it some weak assed way, it works full force.

It’s the best damn advice I think I’ve ever gotten off this board.

Try it… I dare ya!!

Bit too late for that guys! But handy anyway :slight_smile:

I have heard something similar before about they always eat/drink some baby food/drink in the morning. I thought they were just being weird .Any idea where I could get some, bearing in mind I am in the UK?

Pickle juice works for me…

Defenitly greasy food (a big steak and cheese sub, ummmmm!) and a lot of water. Alka Seltzer is the best in your stomac is messed up.

As a near life-long drunk who recently took six months off, I think I have made a valuable discovery.

My hangovers did not go away when I quit drinking.

In fact, whenever I stayed out too late in smokey bars, drinkng club soda and fruit juice, I woke up feeling terrible, just like in the good old days. Not as bad as I did when I was singlehandedly trying to keep elderberry growers in business, mind you, but I still felt crummy.

I don’t have a concrete explanation for why I felt so bad while “dry partying.” I think it may be a combination of sleep loss, standing up for many hours at a time, perhaps some conditioning, and possibly cigarette smoke, to which I am not regularly exposed (however, I do smoke cigars, so I’m not so willing to point the finger at the smags).

Anyway, it seems to me as if the best hangover cures are actually targeting sleep loss and fatigue. Maybe the doctors are right when they say there isn’t a true cure for a hangover besides hair of the dog.

If for some reason, this post comes up twice, sorry. This computer is not being very nice to me today.

We recently discussed alcohol in my toxicology class and the professor says all the doctors in his field use NyQuil as a hangover remedy. A little more that a regular dose before going to bed is supposed to help prevent a hellish morning. Nobody in my class has tried it as of yet, but he swears it works…

Hope it helps!

*Originally posted by Izzardesque *

Pedalyte is an infant rehydration formula. Pedalyte or a similar product might be named Ceralyte and Infalyte in England. Otherwise, rehydration salts might do the exact same thing but I’ve never tried this as a hangover cure myself.

Would it be accurate to describe Gatorade as “Pedialyte for grownups”?

After all, isn’t rehydration and electrolytes the main features of both?

I agree with Carine and WordMan – it’s all about the grease, as discussed in this older thread. My favorite grease patron is Long John Silver’s, a disgusting fried fish chain in the States.

Of course, everyone’s right about time and hydration. A little caffeine, as found in Excedrine, can help headaches by dilating blood vessels. Don’t overdo it, though, or you’ll suffer the consequences.

i can’t believe that no one has mentioned menudo (not the old ricky martin band, but mexican soup). that’s supposed to be great for a hangover. just pop on over to your local mexican restaurant and ask for a big bowl o’ menudo. it tastes great, but some people are bothered by the ingredients. the main meat is tripe, and it’s very common to throw in pig’s feet too. but i love it, and it cures what ails ya.