What's become of one of my favorite posters?

Where are you Zenster? I miss you.

Hands up all those who opened this thread just in case they found their name mentioned?

Besides me, that is.

I’m not sure, but I think he is travelling somewhere far far away. The last time I spoke to him, he told me he was embarking on a wonderful adventure…and he’d send me a postcard. No postcard so far, so I assume he just hasn’t found the perfect spot to immortalize in postcard form for me. If he ISN’t still travelling, he SO owes me!


Yer right up there Redboss, but I left it open in case anyone wanted to ask about their favorite poster they miss.

Just the other day I was wondering what had happened to some of the more prolific posters who once roamed these boards. I miss them, and would like to read some of their stuff again.

Since there wasn’t any major fallout from some action around here, or anything else that I can remember, it’s hard to know why certain people suddenly stopped posting.

All I know is that they have.

Maybe some of them will pop back and explain what’s up.

I thought of pldennison. What happened down there, he never posted again?

pld and I exchanged emails awhile after he and Peta stopped posting. (I think their last posts were late October or early November.) I can tell you they’re alive and well, or at least they were sometime after the new year began.

Hmmm… thanks Scotticher. I, too, was wondering why I wasn’t seeing any recipe threads.

Yeah, yeah, hope against hope that it was me.

I didn’t notice how many views this baby has, but I’m sure there are more of us who just figure it must be us that is missed!
Only person I can think of off hand that hasn’t posted in a while (at least that I’ve noticed) is Superdude. Is he around?

Glad to hear that Phil is well, RT. There is no one whom I respect more than he. Thanks for the update.

Has anyone heard from London_Calling in a while? I heard from him last January, and I dont know if he posted since the great purge of St. Swithins.

What about Satan and Drain Bead ?

Satan was banned, a year or so back. And Drain Bead, quite understandably, wasn’t happy about that, so she left this board.

I don’t know if Satan’s active online anywhere, but Drain spends some of her time over at Fathom. She’s also got a LiveJournal.

Lib - next time I email Phil, I’ll pass that along.

I thought he was looking hor aha.

What did Satan do to become banned? He was such a man of wealth and taste…

I think he was going to China, wasn’t he?

We were supposed to get a postcard too. Nothing for Casa de Arden yet either.

I have been wondering where Sue Duhnym went…

What about Omnicient ? Met him at a chi-dope a few years ago, and he seemingly was prolific on the site here, but I haven’t seen him lately.

I also am wondering why Satan was banned…:confused:

Superdude and Omni were both at ChiDope, FWIW.

I’m with you TwistofFate, I too wondered what happen to old English Yeller, as well as Chance the Gardner.

And can someone please tell me where I can find Anal Scurvy? His post about a girl hitting on him in a bookstore and him saying she could come visit him at home if she didn’t shit in his yard was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read here.

[heavey sigh]