What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope

Last night I made sausages and penne pasta. Slice up some hot Italian sausage, fry it in the bottom of a saucepan until the slices are browning. When they’re browned, toss in some peppers and onions to soften a little in the fat, then add crushed garlic, a couple of cans of tomatoes, pepper and oregano. Stir it all together and let it simmer for about 30 minutes. Serve over penne pasta.

My only regret is that I didn’t use twice as much sausage and peppers as I did. Leftovers for lunch and dinner today.

I had cod with miso sauce. It wasn’t all that good, though, and now I want something else. I should have made fish tacos instead since I have a few corn tortillas sitting around. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow with the leftovers.

It was ‘smorgasbord’ night here (read: leftovers from this week’s dinners). So, a couple chicken tenders, cucumber salad and mashed potatoes for both of us, a bit of pulled pork for me, a cup of chili for my husband. And dessert was a slice of pound cake for each of us with a schmear of Nutella, topped with blueberries.

A small chunk o’cow (sirloin, marinaded in a lovely bath) served with crusty French rolls, and avocado mashed up Brazilian style - with lemon juice and sugar - for dessert.

The gods themselves might weep, for something so delicious.

Leftover chili, made with two pounds of hamburger and a pound of bacon.

Experimenting tonight-Baked ziti using a vodka sauce, less garlic.

An evening of “getcheroni” - sautéed mushrooms and garlic, some prosciutto, some kalamata olives, mixed “wild” (air quotes) greens salad, and some prosecco.

Last night we had fajitas from a Central Market pre-marinated steak. I figured out how to re-heat decent flour tortillas on a bare gas range like Angel Martinez’s mom did when I was a kid, so I was in complete heaven. Breakfast and lunch were more of the same, but I had the onions and peppers in an omelette at breakfast.

Dinner tonight was pork katsu sandos! Thin pork chops pounded even thinner; breaded with flour, egg, and panko; fried golden brown. My sourdough starters were poorly fed during the move, so we just bought some Hawaiian buns to stand in for the milk bread. Dress with shredded cabbage, dijon mustard and tonkatsu sauce. We have enough for lunch and dinner tomorrow, and I’m sure neither of us will complain.

We got our first Wegman’s here about a month ago. I visited for the first time today and picked up some crab cakes for my husband and lobster cakes for myself, along with some Italian bread and light Portuguese white wine. Added some rumbledethumps I’d made yesterday and some red grapes to round out the meal. Very pleased with the whole thing.

There’s also a raspberry mousse tart topped with mixed berries I picked up today, but not sure there’s going to be room for that tonight.

A friend introduced me to the concept of chipotle mayo as a condiment for crab and lobster cakes. The stuff I buy is store-made at one of the better groceries here, but the internet is full of recipes for making it at home – it’s basically just good quality mayo, lime juice, chipotle, and seasonings and spices to taste.

Just back from some errands in The Big City, which always includes a visit to my favourite gourmet food store. Tonight will be snack time – just an evening of nibbling! Among the goodies on the menu: spicy crunchy tuna roll from the sushi bar; shaved rare roast beef with Dijon mustard and/or hot horseradish on thick slices of generously buttered French baguette; cold piri-piri grilled chicken kabobs; and an amazing dill chicken salad. :slight_smile:

Sounds great, wolfpup!

Tonight was orange beef and rice with watermelon on the side and the raspberry mousse tart we didn’t get to last night.

Tonight was the last of the Japanese style pork chop sandwiches. An air of wistfully remembering them has fallen on the household, tangy dijon and katsu sauce lingering in our senses. But it is tempered with the hope that it will not be long until we turn the pork chops waiting in the freezer into more delicious sandwiches!. This time with home made milk bread!

A Sushi Food Truck operator messaged me about some yellowtail he acquired that was extra special. I picked us up poke bowls and yellowtail sashimi.

He wasn’t exaggerating, the hamachi was fantastic.

Nice! Last night was hot crab and artichoke dip with grilled pita for dipping paired with Portughese vinho verde. I was planning a salad with it but it just didn’t happen so that’ll be lunch today, walnut and wensleydale salad with mixed greens, craisins and lemon zataar dressing.

In order to celebrate Cinco de Mayo (Ok, excuse to get some decent Mexican food and drink margaritas and Modelo) we ordered takeout from Mamacitas, a great local place. Pollo chimichanga with rice and salad (and a killer chili lime dressing) for me, pollo enchiladas con mole for SWMBO and churros with a decadent leche for dipping as dessert.

Damn, I’m jealous. I just moved away from the excellent sushi place I’d been frequenting for 18 years. They knew our names, and would make sure we knew when they had really nice stuff on hand. I have to drive back there to finish grabbing the last of our stuff this weekend. I’m going to lobby hard to have them one more time while we’re over there. Got to find the equivalent over here. :sob: :sushi: :sushi: