What's For Dinner Tonight: Episode 2021 – A New Hope

I suppose that’s acceptable. After all, I celebrate the 4th of July in November. I’m gonna let you slide this once. But, for future reference: liver & onions + bacon and peas.

In fact, mashed potatoes without peas and gravy are like a cowboy without a hat—completely lost. You push the peas into the mashed potatoes, creating a divine mashy-pea compound, then fork that delightful mixture into your mouth.

The grease from the bacon creates a flavorful oil on which to cook the liver. You can even add a dab of butter for an extra dose of bacony, buttery bliss. Because why stop at just heart disease when you can aim for a triple bypass?

The biggest mistake you made, however, was not inviting me to the feast.

I don’t cook bacon and liver together (although I’d happily eat it if someone else prepared it), but I always cook liver in bacon fat.

My plan had been to bake the mac & cheese in the oven, but opening it up it was already nicely baked and slightly browned. So I just added small slices of kielbassa and followed the microwave directions instead. Turned out great. My only reason for doing M&C in the oven is to reduce liquids and crisp the top, but it was already done. Definitely buying this again!

Next time instead of kielbassa I think breakfast sausage (done separately) would go well. I have a standard routine of preparing an entire pack of breakfast sausages in the oven and then freezing them in plastic-wrapped separable pairs that can be quickly reconstituted in the microwave. I am a master of lazy comfort foods! :wink:

Of course, homemade mac and cheese is best, but doctored-up pre-made can be dang good. I scoop single portions into a crock bowl, nuke for one minute, add seasoning with sharp shredded cheddar or another cheese blend to give it some extra oomph, then sprinkle some bread crumbs on top with a spritz of olive oil. That goes in the air fryer for 5 minutes, crisping the top to a nice golden brown. It’s a close-enough taste and texture to home-made, and I get three or four portions from a 20oz package.

Interesting ideas there, thanks! I never thought about involving my air fryer in mac & cheese. Sharp shredded cheddar, bread crumbs, and a spritz of olive oil in the air fryer sounds like a plan. Or just some extra sharp cheese and my breakfast sausage idea. I’m definitely getting another pack of that pre-baked mac & cheese.

Can I ask where you got this pre-baked mac-n-chez?

Tonight’s going to be a smoked chicken, grilled corn on the cob, tortillas and homemade strawberry ice cream for desert.

I’m in Canada where it’s available at the deli counter of the Loblaws chain and its affiliated stores. However the product itself is made in the US, so if that’s where you are you should be able to find it. The product name is Reses Main St Bistro Baked Mac and Cheese. Not all their products are good – I didn’t particularly like their mashed potatoes – but I have yet to find any premade mashed that I like. I always end up making it myself with cream and butter. But the mac & cheese was great, and I really like how you get a baked consistency right out of the microwave.

I did some freezer and fridge diving today and came up with:

Strip steak
Baked potato
Cucumber Salad
Red wine from the ‘wine cellar’ (top of the dining room buffet where we put most of our wine stash)
Chocolate cookies I made today.

Happy with the results.

Went out for Vietnamese. I had a beef salad with beef osso bucco, cabbage, pineapple, banana blossom, red onion, mint, rau răm, peanut, fried shallot, and soy nước chấm. Hazy IPA to drink.

Last night I grilled salmon and served it with leftover tortellini salad that I dressed up. The salad was basic; cheese tortellini, artichoke hearts, black olives, purple onion, ranch dressing, to which I added avocado, shrimp, lemon juice, and capers.

Lemon Drops to drink, but we were out of lemon juice so I used lime juice. Are Lime Drops a thing?

Cheesecake for dessert, a gift from a friend.

They are now! :cocktail::sweat_smile::tropical_drink:

Heh, if I remember correctly, they were delicious.

Yesterday during the power outage from Hurricane Beryl I made meatballs. I usually bake them, but that was out so I fried them up in a bit of olive oil. (I have a gas stove.) One of our generators kept the juice to the fridge and small chest freezer on, and another gave me a little light and a fan to work by. I had already thawed the meat the night before, so I decided to go ahead and make them for the freezer.

About 8:00 pm the power came back on, and I finished up the evening with a quick stir-fried Pepper Steak over rice.

Tonight is chicken something or other… I haven’t decided. That’s why I come here!

Last night my gf had the kitchen. She said she was making something special for me!

Dinner was faux veal Parmesan (actually chicken Parmesan). I love veal parmigiana, but gf won’t make veal, so nice chicken cutlets breaded and served over spaghetti with marinara sauce and good Parmesan cheese. Served with a salad and Pinot Grigio.

Excellent meal, almost as good as if it had been veal. :wink:

I grilled Italian marinated turkey breast cutlets while my gf was steaming broccoli then topping it with a cheese sauce.

Dessert was grilled peaches. The farm market has begun their peach harvest, so I’ll be grilling peaches most nights.

Last night dinner was at a local brewery. They do special hotdogs and one of last nights dogs caught my eye: a big dog on a nice bun topped with: shredded cheddar, onions, banana peppers, blue cheese crumbles, and Buffalo sauce. Had a side of pulled pork and beans.

Delicious!!! Hazy IPAs to drink.

Yesterday was BLTF (bacon, lettuce, tomato, fish) sandwiches and potato salad.

Tonight will be spinach feta quiche and a green salad.

There’s enough fried fish left for a repeat of the BLTF in a day or two.

Tonight was home made crunchy beef tacos, with lettuce, onion, cheese, guacamole, homegrown tomatoes, jalapenos and serranos. They were exquisite, possibly the best I’ve ever had.

A big sushi burrito with ahi tuna, avocado, cucumber, and other stuff.