What's for supper tonight?

Mmm - re-heated bison stew! With toasted garlic buns.

Spicy shredded chicken enchiladas, homemade cilantro-lime rice, black beans.

Amy’s soft taco bowl.
First time I’ve tried it, but it’s pretty darn tasty and not very high in calories, so I think it’s a winner. :slight_smile:

sounds good - care to share the recipe?

I have been wanting to try Thai food so I tried a new place in town. I had Pad Thai.

Blech. I won’t do that again.

I was going to make pork ribs, but they didn’t thaw very much since yesterday, so I ended up running to the store for frozen lasagna and garlic bread. Tomorrow, though- ribs! I haven’t decided if I will use a locally-bottled mustard-based bbq sauce, or make my own special peach-onion-chipotle sauce. I love both of them.

We had burgers and tater tots made at home.

Sure, I’ll have to do it tomorrow.

Roasted potatoes, peppers and onions on top of spicy black bean veggie burgers. And a sip or two or three of California Sunshine IPA.

Late night for me and the missus, so… takeout from Crazy Noodle, the local (Columbia, MO) noodle place. We split an order of sweet potato noodles with some kind of sauce I don’t recall, and an order of udon noodles with garlic-pepper sauce, both with tofu. Pleasant, inexpensive, and prepared by someone else.

I wish you had asked tomorrow. I could have bragged about my wife’s bhindi masala. Food of the gods. There is a bag of farmer’s market okra in the fridge just waiting for the missus to work her magic.

Something soft. Maybe just some soup, a PB&J, and a glass of milk. But I did have a rear molar pulled today, so that’s why.

But tomorrow? Definitely something more substantial!

I had a nice corned beef in the crock pot all day while I was at work but I was too worn out and a little ill to even look at it when I got home. Unplugged the cooker and put the whole thing in the fridge. I’ll deal with it mañana.

We played “tour the leftovers when you feel like eating” tonight. :slight_smile:

Take-out! I’m thinking a fish fry.

That’s what we’re probably doing too. You shouldn’t ask me what I’m cooking late in the week; I’m down to the dregs of the menu!

We could do a homemade ham and pineapple pizza, but I doubt energy levels will be up to it by this evening.

Pork Steaks! Grilled with a good rub.

Now, to get something to go with them.

Or not. :slight_smile:

Crockpot chili tonight. My husband usually stops by his buddy’s workshop for an hour after work on Fridays, so I don’t try very hard. Maybe I’ll make cornbread. Maybe not.

Pad Thai or the restaurant?

I don’t care if I ever taste pad thai again in my life, and I freaking love Thai food.

I saw that, then I immediately checked your location. Yep. You might have to have gooey butter cake for dessert.

There are a couple of things I miss about my meat-eating days. Pork steak is one of them. It tastes like home.

Meat loaf (schmeatloaf, double beatloaf) from the local store that makes it on premises. And roasted brussel sprouts.