What's on Mst 3000 Collection 3 DVD?

Anyone know what will be on the Mst 3000 Collection 3 DVD package?
Amazon lists it as coming out April 8 but doesn’t say what’s on it.


The Atomic Brain, The Sidehackers, Shorts Vol. 2, and The Unearthly. None of which I own yet - I’ve been waiting for the DVDs. Woo!

Sidehackers AND more shorts? Sweet Jesus, that’s heaven!

Oooh, those are some good ones!

I feel compelled to quote…

Luke: Well, I may be soft, but I’m still-
Servo: Stupid!

The Unearthly
Tor Johnson: Time for go to bed.

The Atomic Brain
Servo (singing along to the silly soundtrack): She’s old… She creaks… She goes… Upstairs.

Is that short which involves “Mr. B Natural” available anywhere? That was one of the funniest and most frightening bits ever!

Here is a list of all shorts that are available.

It was on the “Mr. B’s Lost Shorts” tape from Best Brains. I don’t know if you can still get it, though.

The Rhino website shows a second volume with 4 DVDs: Pod People, Cave Dwellers, Angels Revenge and Shorts Volume 1.

Rhino also has the one DVD collection of the Walking Tall movies: Walking Tall 1973, Walking Tall II 1975, and Final Chapter: Walking Tall 1977. Bo Svenson plays Tennessee sheriff Buford Pusser in II and Final Chapter, and Joe Don Baker plays him in the first movie.

Ha! That’s one MSTism that has become part of my vocabulary!

Thanks, Smeghead. I just ordered my copy of that and Collection 2.
I still have to get Collection 1. Cave Dwellers is one of the episodes that hooked me.
“This movie has more pauses than a Pinter play.”
“How much Keefe does this movie have?”
“Oh, no! They got Charlie McCarthy!”


I don’t think Pod People is my favorite episode, but damn if it’s not quotable…

“I’m gonna go walk through a book.”