What's so great about Surge?

On another forum I read, people seem to go crazy every time Surge soda is back in stock on Amazon. I looked it up and apparently it’s like Mountain Dew, but sweeter. Apparently scalpers are selling it on eBay for $50+ per 12-pack. Is the soda really that great?

It tastes more like Mello Yello meets Fresca than Mountain Dew.

It was pretty good so far as citrus sodas go but its current popularity has more to do with 90s nostalgia than any intrinsic value.

It’s definitely different from Mountain Dew. Stronger lime flavor and “crisper,” I think.

It was my legitimate favorite soda as a teenager, and I liked both dnL and Vault, which were both effectively clones.

I wouldn’t pay nearly that much, but I will definitely endeavor to grab a twelve pack sometime.

It was my favorite pop, but a lot of it now is nostalgia. That is what drives people to pay a ton for it.

I loved the dnL leprechaun.

Surge was good, very strong and tangy. I think I liked the green Vault better though when I wanted some extra energy.