Which is better? Mountain Dew or Mello Yello?

I’m referring to the green(original) variety of both.

Which do you think is the better soda?

I’ve left off a “I don’t like either” choice since I am curious to get thoughts from people who like either or who, like me, enjoy both. I could have included Surge and other green sodas, but I decided to limit it to the two that are clearly competitors.

I’ll share my thoughts in a bit, but I want to get the poll going first.

Mountain Dew, if only because its the one that is readily available to me. While I’m sure I’ve seen Mello Yello around, I would have to seek it out, whereas MD can be purchased almost anywhere.

Lemon and Paeroa*.

We used to have both those mentioned in the poll where I grew up in the 80s, but somewhere along the line they both disappeared. Since moving to Australia I do see Mountain Dew sometimes, but that’s it.

*L&P is a soft drink from New Zealand, originally made with natural spring water

I’ve had 'em both, and I vote for the Dew. MY is good too, and if it’s all that’s around, I’ll gulp it right down. But it doesn’t have quite the…richness?..the tanginess? Damn. We don’t have the language for this kind of comparison!

Hello Yellow had the better theme song, but mountain dew tastes better.

Do they really taste different? I’ve never noticed. :confused:

Mountain Dew. I was the one outlier in a “Coke products” household growing up. Plus, they don’t make a Code Red Mello Yello.

Since we’re talking about the original flavor, I’m going to go with Mellow Yellow. But this was a haaaaaard decision because I enjoy both

They did make a Cherry Mello Yellow, though it was not like Code Red. Out of those Coke Machines that make your drink, you can get Peach, Cherry, and Grape Mello Yello.

Cherry is the best, followed by Peach.

What? Yech! Give me the crab juice!

In other words, anything that is not Mountain Dew ahead of anything that is Mountain Dew.

Those “freestyle” machines look fascinating. I don’t really care for fountain drinks, though.

Watch out mouth, what out hips
I’m going to bring this Mello Yello to my lips.

I’m diabetic so I drink Diet Mountain Dew. I’ve been drinking it since it was put on the market. My wife won’t drink Diet Mountain Dew because she claims the taste changed at some point. I’ve never noticed a difference but she will only drink Mello Yello Zero. I like Mello Yello Zero fine but if given a choice I would go with Diet Dew. The one good thing about Mello Yello Zero is that the 20 oz. bottles are cheaper in convenience stores. They’re usually 99 cents but I’ve seen it even lower in some places.

I’ve got nothing against either one of them. I’m just mad about Saffron.

When I’m in the middle of yet another 3 day Meth binge, nothing quenches my thirst quite like a Mountain Dew.

They freestyle machines are awesome. In the summer, my kids and I get a pop from there about once a week(we share it) at our local Meijer.

We go back a few times and try varieties. I hate Rasberry Coke, but the rest are mainly good mixes.