What's something funny I can be for Halloween?

I have no ideas.

If you’re in the chicago area (or even if not), you could order this sweatshirt


(though it may not arrive on time) and go as “the fan”. (spilled beer or mustard stains from thrown debris could add to the effect). Headphones, Cub’s cap and vacant stare and there you have it!

Well, I once dressed up in a 3-piece suit and attached a toy ambulence to a wire coat hanger so that it dangled in front of my face. I was, you see, a lawyer…


Wear a Las-Vegas-showman sort of outfit and attach a toy tiger to your neck.

Get a cheap plastic laundry basket and cut a large hole in the bottom so you can pull it up around your waist.
Fill it with some old clothes and then safety pin more clothes to your upper shirt. Put some underwear on your head and “ta-da” your dirty laundry.

Crawl into one of those seethru plastic dry cleaning bags. Stuff it full of different color baloons.

Pow… you’re a gumball machine.

Put a sauce pan over your head… you are a pot-head

Crawl into one of those see thru plastic dry cleaning bags and tie it off around your waist. Stuff it full of different color balloons.

Pow… you’re a gumball machine.

Better yet, dress up as me and go as an idiot.

A table. Cut a hole in a box and put a table cloth over it with a hole in it. put your head through and glue a few things on like a glass, and ash tray etc. You can kneel down and people will actually think you ARE a table.

Someone who knows which forum to post in.

Tell all your friends you will be weapons of mass destruction, then stay home. Everybody will look but none will find you.

I went as a semicolon one year. Big cardboard period and comma, painted black, taped to a metal yardstick which I held in front of me.

Got some strange looks that year…

pregnant ninja.


I remember on MST3K some funny costumes:

One was to cut a hole out of a disposable pie tin, attach a handle to it made from a coat hanger, poke your head through the hole, and then wrap your head up with aluminum foil.
It made a great Jiffy-Pop costume. I wonder if they still sell that?

Another one was to dress up in a soccer uniform, and then insert your arms into two long steel tubes with black caps. Instant FusBol goalie when you hold them out sideways. :slight_smile:


Just dress normally and wear a sign.

Last year, I went as a “Paranoid Schizophrenic”, which really wasn’t far off base.

[Adam Sandler]I’m crazy pot head man, gimme some candy![/AS]

Last year a friend wore a business suit and a home made paper maché Jack In The Box™ head that was quite a hit. LadyLion and I went as Columbia and Eddie from Rocky Horror Picture Show but didn’t get any laughs.
Though I did put all the women in tears when I suprised LL by giving her my official, On-Bended-Knee™ marriage proposal at the party :smiley:

Go as general malaise. Just dress up in the uniform of a high-ranking military officer with all the decorations and stuff and pin on a nametag that says “Malaise”.

It’s a highly conceptual costume.

A Q-Tip.

White face paint, white gloves, socks, long sleeve shirt and pants, shower cap with smoothed cotton balls glued to it, and then you cut out the Q Tip logo from one of the boxes and stick it to your clothes in case anybody doesn’t get it.