What's the big deal about blondes, anyway?

World’s biggest brunette lover here. The darker the better. I love Hispanic, Italian and other Mediterranean women, African, Arab, Israeli, Persian, Turkish, Oriental, Malayo-Polynesian, and American Indian women. But the most excellent in the whole world are the women of India.

Blondes impress me not at all. I admit there are beautiful blonde women, but their beauty arises from a pleasing symmetry of form, not from blondness itself which is of no significance.

I am at odds with the prevailing culture that seems to worship blondness above all else. Sorry, I just don’t buy it. Why should I be impressed with yellow hair? It’s almost all fake anyway.

There’s nothing more sensously beautiful, feminine, and delightful than oodles of long, thick, wavy, luxurious jet-black hair. Just the sight of it puts me in ecstasy. Blondes have nothing to match that.

I’ve heard the argument that because blondes are rarer, they are therefore more prized. Uh-uh, that doesn’t wash with me! All I know is, dark women are the Holy Grail to me. The darker the better. And there are way more of them in the world! I’m a happy man.

Listen, mister, as a blonde woman let me just tell you …


you’re right. We’re just so pale and bland, and our raven-haired sisters have that exotic air of mystery. I can’t pull off exotic air of mystery with my head in an olla.

There is a simple explanation for the entire “blondes have more fun” myth.

In ancient Rome all prostitutes were forced to dye their hair blonde. The perception of blonde women as looser and more sexy has persisted to this day, especially in Southern Europe.

At least, that how I heard it long ago.

What Zenster says is true. Ancient history being a hobby of mine and I have come across that one many times.

That said, I don’t get it either and I never have. I would much rather have a darked headed man anyday. Dark headed or redheaded women are also on my list.

Well, I prefer blondes, brunettes and redheaded women, myself. This way I’m tripling my pleasure. :wink:

Seriously, though, if a woman is attractive, it matters not to me what color her hair is or how darkly complected her skin. Beauty is beauty, and one form of beauty is not to be prized above another form.

First of all, I agree with most of you – I go for dark hair more than light. (I’ve never mentioned this to my blonde girlfriends, though).

I’ve long suspected, without proof, that blondes were preferred because their light pubic hair (and underarm hair)made them look “cleaner” than brunettes – it didn’t show up as dark splotches against light skin (especially in pre-shaving days).

Every girl I’ve ever dated has been a brunette, everything from light to dark brown.

Maybe it has something to do with my mother being blonde, and me not having an oedipal bone in my body. Very blonde hair does nothing for me.

Hate blondes.

Prefer brown, red, black.

Blondes are usually of fair skin, and I prefer a little skin tone at a minimum.

I think darker haired women with more skin tone age better as well. Most blondes I know looked tired and worn after putting some years under their belts. The sun seems to exact a heavy toll on blondes.

I am not a Pamela (King of all Blondes) Anderson fan either. I think the other two stars of VIP are much more attractive (Natalie Raitano and Molly Culver).

I think I love you the best. :slight_smile:
It really is unkind to hate blondes. Is it racist? I dunno. Sorta. Naw. Maybe. Should blondes dye their hair black so they look more “exotic?” Gosh, I guess so so 'coz we all know only FOREIGN women are attractive. Sheesh.

My boyfriends have had various appearances and i would not prefer one over the other- appearance-wise.
At the time, they each looked like the most beautiful man in the world to me.

Then again, I find Pamela Anderson repulsive, but maybe that’s just because she looks very artificial.

I should have previewed that.

My way of writing implied that I had a whole bunch of boyfriends at the same time. Whoops.

Nope, it was one at a time, and each, IN TURN, was the most beautiful boy in the world at the time.

Turpentine, I understood what you meant, luv. :slight_smile:

I never meant, Good Lord, that I hate blondes. I don’t hate anyone. I love all women. There have been many blondes I loved deeply. The beauty I saw in them was from within their souls. Not their surface appearance.

All I was saying was: Don’t expect me to be impressed with blondness. I say this because the culture around me seems to demand that I kowtow to blondness as though it were something wonderful. Just writing to register a dissenting voice. With love to all women.

Naw, you didn’t offend me because my hair is black.

I was just being difficult, that’s all. :smiley:

I’ve recently heard of a compelling (evolutionary) theory as to why blondes are desirable. One of the key factors in determining the attractivess of potential mates (in general) is healthiness, and therefore many of the physical characteristics we look for in partners are those which are indicative of good health. (Symmetry being one of these characteristics.) Blondes tend to have fair skin tones, and fair skin tones are much more revealing of “unhealthy” conditions, i.e. diseases and so forth. To find a blonde (light skinned person) with healthy skin is an assurance of their good health, and therefore they are more likely to be considered attractive.

I honestly don’t care what hair color a woman has, but for some reason if I know it’s a fake color I’m turned off slightly.