What's the latest on which booster if you got the J&J shot?

I got the J&J shot back in April, so I’m probably way overdue for a booster. But the news is so confusing-- months ago I heard there were studies being done on whether mixing and matching is ok, then a couple months ago I remember reports that getting a J&J booster on top of a J&J original shot provides very effective protection. Most recently, concerns seem to have been raised again over the correlation between the J&J vaccine and blood clots.

According to this article, a Moderna booster seems like it might be the way to go…?

The trial’s preliminary data showed that people who had gotten the J&J vaccine followed by a Moderna booster had a 76-fold rise in antibodies in 15 days

Prelim data suggests strongly that a Pfizer or Moderna booster would be best, for max protection against Omicron. I’ve started ordering that very thing for my patients who got J & J.

Thanks Qadgop. The article I linked to says preliminary data shows a 76-fold increase in antibodies for J&J plus a Moderna booster vs. a 35-fold increase for J&J + Pfizer, so I guess I’ll start looking for a place to get a Moderna booster.

If you can’t readily get Moderna, get Pfizer. The actual clinical significance (if any) in such antibody level differences is far from clear, both indicate a good response to vaccine

Good to know, thanks again!

I got the J&J vaccine back in April, and got a Moderna booster in mid October. Now my wife says she’s heard/read that people who got the J&J vaccine should probably get another booster, that now they’re saying J&J maybe should have been two shots instead of one from the get-go. But when I ask her to send me links I get nothing. Has anyone else heard anything about an additional booster for the J&J vaccine?

Based on the Yale article above plus what else I’ve read online, you should be good for now. However, that recommendation may change as we learn more about omicron, etc. My semi-educated guess is that they’ll recommend folks like you get another dose of mRNA vaccine sometime further down the road.