What's the most ridiculous thing you've gotten broken up with over?

I just got broken up with because I lied to Circuit City to get a better deal on a laptop… it was an incredibly minor lie, but still aparently enough for me to be broken up with over (She’s an incredible innocent girl and she thinks this makes me a dishonest person) I told her that if she would break up with me over something like that then shes not worth it.

So? Whats the most ridiculous thing you’ve gotten broken up with over?

Tonight, I just got broken up with a girl I wasn’t seeing because she realized she lives in an illusionary world. We’ll still be friends. But I’ll miss her.

That sounds rather like I was trying to be clever or wax poetic. But it’s true. We weren’t dating. But we broke up anyway.

In high school I was dumped because she found a guy whom had a car 2 years newer than mine. I shit you not. She saw it as a sign of better financial stability. We were 16. :rolleyes:

What are you talking about? What kind of “lie” is going to get you better deal on a notebook.

You pay the asking price or you don’t. How is fibbing about anything going to get you a better deal from CC?

gasp That’s a horrible thing to say! I’m breaking up with you because of that!

Seriously…this needs a little more explanation, if you don’t mind filling us in.

As for me, I used to have a relationship where we’d date for a few weeks or so, then break it off, then start dating again (I was 16…what can I say?). The reasons we both picked for breaking up were extremely ludicrous usually, but sadly I can’t think of any of them right off the bat.

This is why I’m so frustrated with modern consumers. There is ALWAYS room to negotiate. Anyone that pays retail/ asking price for a product is going to get screwed over. Even at CC or BestBuy, you can always work an extended warranty, free DVD, whatever into the deal. Go to an independant shop or pawn shop, and you can make out like a bandit. Just keep in mind that it’s your money, and they know there are plenty of other places you can go to get the same product. You have the power, man. Use it!

I dunno if it’s exactly a break-up, because we only went on one date, but I had a guy tell me “It would never work out between us, because I’m a Cancer and you’re a Sagittarius.” :smack: Ah well, not like I missed out on anything there.

What was the lie, Johnnyt27?

I was dumped once because I was mad at one of those gate-intercom things and hit it. Once. With the side of my hand.

Stupid thing was malfunctioning or something. I got through to the answering machine and heard the phone ring quite a few times, just no one answered. After I’d call up and get the machine and no one would answer, the machine would tell me to “hang up, and try again” repeatedly( would repeat for a minute each time). This is fine and dandy, except there was no receiver to hang up, just a phone pad. After sitting out in the cold for 15 minutes, listening to the machine that had nothing to hang up tell me over and over to hang it up, while she was up there with two guys who somehow were all incapable of hearing the machine ring made me a little bit mad.

Tis OK, she was insanely frustrating to date. I’d only see her on the weekends, and every friday night she’s be a cold fish. On sunday, she’d be all over me. It was enough to make a guy punch a phone or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, we were friends. Then she moved away. Then she moved back. Then she moved in. Then we split a bed, but weren’t dating (or even groping). Then she moved out. Then we were dating. Then she moved back in, kinda (she stayed almost every night for a few weeks…I had a more comfortable bed). Then we broke up (just wasnt’ working; better as friends). Then she moved out again. Then we were friends again. Then we got close. Last little while, we’ve been having the odd on-and-off, but frequently splitting a bed, snuggling, little bit o’ whatever, lots of caressing. Then she had a bit of a meltdown. She realized she was a bit of a…uhh…free spirit with the sexuality. Tonight, we decided there’d be no more sleepovers, caressing, hand-holding, and whatnot. So, not really dating. But we broke up.

We’re still best of friends.

They had a sale on a laptop… so before making the purchase I went home to think about it. When I came back the next day, the sale was gone. aparently corporate pulled the sale mid-week. I found out their sales change on saturday.

So the lie was that I “Talked to a sales rep who told me the sales changed on saturdays… they assured me that I could have the laptop for the sales price the next day” even though I didn’ t talk to anyone the day I first went in there.

I was dating this woman, we had separated for a while, then we got back together just before my birthday. She called friends to invite them to a surprise party. My friends didn’t know we were back together and didn’t know how what to do. She freaked out because I “hadn’t told the people who were most important to” me that we were back together. To be fair, I broke up with her, but only because I thought she was nuts. Understand, these are people who live in other area codes and were not people that I necessarily people that I spoke to every week.

My opinion? Your girlfriend is pretty close to right. You’re a thief.

My most shallow break-up moment was breaking up with a guy because he was too short for his accent.

Translation, please?

You’re a thief? Get over yourself.

If CC didn’t want to sell him the laptop at the sales price, they wouldn’t have. As it is, he gets his laptop, the sales guy gets his commission, and CC gets it’s profit (if marginally smaller).

Pretty much just like it sounds. I thought he should be taller with the British accent thing going on. For some reason it made him sexually unattractive to me. (If there’s a prize in this category, I’m pretty sure I’m in the running for it.)

He misrepresented the facts. He could have just copped a plea and maybe they would have given it to him at the sale price, but as it stands, he gave false information and was sold the item at a different price based on that information. Pretty simple.

The OP is not a thief. But he is a liar, and I can absolutely understand someone discovering her paramour is a liar and wanting to end the relationship. There’s nothing trivial about that.

Oddly enough, when I was shopping for a dryer, the salesman at the Bay told that lie for me when I came the day after the sale ended. Seriously, he was like, “…Well, the sale is over, but I remember you came in yesterday during the sale asking about the dryer…” “…no, I didn’t…” “Yes, you did… wink wink

Anyway, an only tangentially related story is the time I realized that I wasn’t in love with a guy because we were in a park, the moon overhead, with him sitting on the rampart and me lying on it with my head on his lap and looking up at his face, and seeing his gorgeous long lashes and nose from underneath, the only thing I could think was, “From this angle, he totally looks like a sea anemone.”