What's the most terrifying thing on the Internet you've seen?

I have to give my vote to the Station Nightclub fire footage in Rhode Island. That video will freaking haunt you. :eek: It’s so sad that so many had to die in such a horrible way just because of the stupidity and cowardice of a few people.

1 Lunatic 1 Icepick. I didn’t watch the whole thing (couldn’t possibly have, and wouldn’t want to), but I saw enough to be traumatized.

(If you’re not familiar with it, don’t Google it. You don’t want to see it. It is a snuff video made by some guy who murdered his boyfriend with an icepick and dismembered the body. Apparently he also had sex with it but I didn’t get that far)


Just watched it. Ugh. :frowning:

A picture of a Harlequin baby. So sad.

Recently, it has to be the live on air shooting of the Virginia reporter and photographer.

The falling of the WTC towers.

For legit horrifying, the Station fire would have to be up there.

Otherwise, Mr. Hands.

Several years ago Yahoo ran a photo of the aftermath of (I think) a suicide bomber attack in the middle east. There were of course fatalities.

The photo showed mostly rubble and unidentifiable bits. However, in the foreground there appeared to be half of someone’s face. :eek:

“Horrified” does not even begin to cover it. :frowning:

Wang Yue

I heard a piece on NPR about the Dark Net and went to see it for myself . . .


I posted this in a similar thread:


I’m sure that there are countless videos and photos out there that I never want to see, but this transcript tops the list for me right now.

It was pretty creepy to read the words that women would hear before the most hellish part of their lives began.

I once stumbled upon some child porn on one of the image hosting sites (Photobucket, I think?). Reported it of course and they responded saying it was forwarded to law enforcement.

I suppose that’s more “disturbing” than “terrifying” but I make a point of not watching footage of murders, executions, torture porn, etc. No value in it for me.

I watched the 9/11 documentary, featuring the only footage from inside the towers between the planes hitting and their falling.

Every once in a while there would be a loud CRASH. The sound of a jumper hitting the pavement.

Some dash cam, perhaps from Russia… they were just driving, all you can see is the windshield and the road ahead-- none of the occupants of the vehicle.

A brick flew from the bed of an oncoming semi-truck and smashed through the windshield where the front passenger was sitting and I guess killed her (based on the story about the video). The passengers were crying and screaming.

I’ve seen some terrifying things like beheadings on the internet, but to me, this brick flying through the windshield is the most terrifying. Mostly because it is more likely to happen to me than a beheading or one of the other terrifying things I’ve been exposed to online.

I swear 99% of the crazy driving shit I’ve seen on the Internet has come from Russia.

A former schoolmate of mine-- omg I cannot believe it. A former schoolmate of mine was shot execution-style by her husband and he posted the photographs of her kneeling flailed backwards dead onto Facebook.

Fuck. Man. That was terrifying… still is terrifying. I just cannot believe that happened. It’s not right.

The pictures of Niki Catsouras that the California Highway Patrol got sued for releasing. Otherwise known as Porsche Girl.

People have so many dash cams because of insurance fraud. One good thing that’s come from it is all the meteor footage at Chelyabinsk. :cool:

For me, it’s probably finding out that NAMBLA has a website that wasn’t on the dark web (that was a few years ago; I’m not going to go looking for it now) and places like stormfront.org.

You Tube’s message boards are rather frightening at times, too.

As for the “9/11” documentary, shot by the Naudet brothers, that was shown on network TV, uncensored, several times on the first few anniversaries. I think it should still be aired, for people who aren’t old enough to remember it. The first 1/3 of the movie was the movie they intended to make (a day in the life of an NYFD squad) and the last 2/3 was the movie they ended up making. They’re the ones who got the live footage of the first plane hitting the tower and someone saying, “Oh, shit!”

Mercola.org is pretty terrifying. They’re the beat known of the anti-vax people.

I don’t like all the Facebook memes that say, in so many words, that we have so many problems in society because parents can’t legally beat their children any more. An elderly woman at my church unfriended and blocked me after I asked her, after about the 100th time she posted something like this, if she thought it was OK for men to beat their wives for this reason. :dubious:

One of my HS classmates did something similar; she was always posting things like “My mother carried a wooden spoon around with her to show me who’s boss, and it made me what I am today!” Really? Divorced from THREE abusive husbands? :confused: :frowning: One abusive husband - that’s his fault. Three of them? Something’s wrong with you.

Having relatives on the autistic spectrum, I’ve lurked on some autism message boards, and I wonder who’s parenting those kids while their (usually) mothers write books (it seems) on those boards.

Daniel Pearl