Whats the weather now in your neck of the woods?

Temp is hovering around 0 C today in Regina. Gentle snow started just as we left work today. Nice fluffy flakes falling straight down.

It snowed today, about 4". It’s now pretty much gone. The drive to work wasn’t pleasant and early in the afternoon someone at the university sent us an e-mail apologizing for making the wrong call at 4am and not delaying opening. Oh well, I think we all arrived safely both on campus and off at least.

Huh. The wet snow was very heavy; we looked into our backyard and discovered a huge chunk of our old Manitoba maple tree has come down.

The weather right now at 10:52 pm is 55 F and supposed to get down to 49 F.

This mid-summer and it is around 32C so we are glad the generator is working. :smiley:

Does this cost you a reliable source of syrup ?