What's the weirdest or funniest name in sports?

Van Lingle Mungo. Even had a song written about him.

Picabo (pronounced Peekaboo) Street.

Back when I was a kid there was a player for one of the Big Ten teams- Wisconsin, I think- whose last name was DiFeliciantonio. 15 letters. It was on his jersey.

You know how Brazilian soccer players go by one name? There’s one named Fred. That’s it, just Fred.


He’s been a Ranger for a couple of seasons now.

Oddibe McDowell got halfway there. Not good enough in this crowd though.

Albert Poo-Holes (Pujols).

Albert Pujols
Vicki Kraphol (Duke basketball player)

Yes, I do have a juvenile sense of humor. Why do you ask?

Well shoot.

Dear Og. I’ve known about Randy Johnson for over a decade but until the moment I read this it had never occurred to me that his real name also had a hilarious penis-related meaning. I don’t know how it escaped me all these years. Thank you for putting it all in perspective. :smiley:

Another BB player was Majestic Mapp , his brother was Scientific Mapp.


It’s even better than that: God Shammgod played for Providence!

As a kid I remember telling my dad that I had a baseball card for Jesus. (Alou) He told me it wasn’t Jesus, it was pronounced Hey Zooz. :slight_smile:

UNC had a FB coach named Dick Crum.

Florida’s football team once had a defensive player whose first name was Ephesians. I mean, of all the Biblical names that could have been picked … Ephesians? I guess he should feel fortunate that he wasn’t named 2 Thessalonians or something.

Wow, he looks so much different!!! http://www.myboogpages.com/about-me/real-boog

Not a strange name, but the Portland Trailblazers had 3 guys name Robinson on their team in 95-96. Rumeal, Clifford and James - out of 12 guys.

People like to make fun of my man Asdrubal Cabrera’s name. “Ass-dribble!”

hahaha aren’t you clever? sigh

(He plays for the Cleveland Indians, if you didn’t know)

There were some rumors about a Welsh gardener, but the family never deigned to notice.

Yeah, I don’t get that. There’s one named Kaká. Caca is Spanish for “shit.” :confused:

*And yes, I know that Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish.

The Cleveland Browns briefly had a player named Ben Gay.