What's with all the bestiality spam?

I’ve also have noticed an increase of that type of spam, & i have MSN Hotmail as an account(and a few others, but all free on the web-type).
I don’t believe that my surfing about animals (info, no disgusting stuff here, mmkay?) would cause such spam.

I’m getting also the problem of not able to block anymore. I keep getting :‘conflict in address’ message whenever i try to.

The instant I got an MSN address it started filling with spam. I’ve never even used or given the address out to anyone (I use another email addy for everything I do online) So I wouldn’t worry about it.

My take on it is that incest, “young girl” and bestiality spam is apparently commonplace since those are “hot button” taboo subjects more likely to elicit a furious response – thereby confirming that yours is a live, monitored email address ripe for more spam and for selling on as part of a verified address list to other spammers.

Dull spam is more likely to be ignored, so the spammer can’t sell your address as a live one. Just my opinion.

I keep getting one that is titled ‘rip apart her snake pit’…I think snake pit is meant to be some kind of weird euphemism for vagina

I don’t have any snakes in my vagina. I know, I looked to make sure.


It appears that some sites, perhaps these folk included, advertise quite dubious content. Some bozo signs up, gives a credit card number, gets charged and then discovers they aren’t getting the advertised goods. Who are they going to complain to?

Remember, spam is all about scamming people, including spammers scamming the very companies buying their services.

Apparently SOMEONE inthe world informed the spammers that I am currently studying early Christian and Jewish history 'cause I get more spam for “Christian solutions to debt control”. So what you’all do debt differently? I knew I was in trouble when I messed up that handshake!

I get those ones too, and had much the same reaction. I can at least understand the “Meet Christian singles in your area” ones (though I think if I really wanted to meet Christian singles I might, y’know, go to church and get involved in activities there), but what’s a Christian solution to debt control? Pray all your debt vanishes?

I have gotten a few titled The real meaning of animal husbandry I just delete without opening. After all I am married to a real ** LIONsob ** , that’s all I need to know about the subject of animal husbands. (I mean that in a good way honey)

I hadn’t gotten any of these, tmk, until this morning, when I got the same as Ayesha, “the real meaning of animal husbandry” which I too deleted without opening. It had made it past the SPAM filter, though!

In a slight hijack, I’ve noticed that some of the spammers have resorted to trying to disguise the subject lines of their emails (for example, “pen1s” :smack: ) and are therefore slipping through the net of the SPAM filters. :frowning:

Hmm…, I must be on a different list. Most of what I get is pushing septic tanks. Yawn

Maybe they just don’t think you are an animal lover…:smiley:
Reminds me of that line from Tom Lehrer
“He practiced animal husbandry until they caught him at it.”

:eek: :eek:

I got one the other day that said “I’m concerned about your depts” the name of the sender was Jesus. It’s nice to know he’s watching out for me.:wink: