What's with all the bestiality spam?

My ISP provider is MSN, and they have darned good spam filters. Of late, more stuff has been making it into the “junk mail” file, instead of being pulverized before I even see it – and it seems like it’s all about “hot” girls (quotation marks theirs) doing the deed with farm animals, a cat, a lizard, etc. (Ew! A lizard?) No concern is being shown for the size of my breasts or (nonexistent) penis – and no opportunities are being proffered for the miracle drug that will cause me to either lose 20 pounds or come like Mt. Vesuvius (or both) – just animals, animals, animals.

What gives?

I think of it as a welcome respite from the incest spam.

At least those spams are small. I keep getting Swenmail and that eats up my mailbox at 142k at a crack.

I get all those too. I am far from being a prude, but some really horrify me…
The farm animal sex, the teenage daughter and her FATHER, etc… I wish some of those people could get arrested, really…

I’m not see it. You must have subscribed to some list or other. :wink:

It might be a self esteem issue, twickster. You really need to discuss this with them and keep the lines of communication open. And if talking doesn’t help, then make sure the cats can’t get on the internet while you’re at work.

My mother has been aghast at the stuff that shows up in her inbox. She was not-too-subtly trying to ask me if it might be due to my nephew surfing porn on her machine.

I assured her I get the same crap and I don’t surf porn. At least Mom knows to delete such nonsense unopened. She gets a little more computer savvy every day…

Please tell me you don’t think I open this garbage, FCM!

Gah - no! I know you wouldn’t open this crap! I was just commenting that my mom doesn’t either. She’s learned not to open anything with an unfamiliar sender. Trust me, that’s a big deal - she was very naive, computer-wise, until fairly recently.

Why am I not surprised to find you in here? If ever I want you, all I have to do is pick the weirdest thread I can find, and, sure enough, there you are! :dubious:

Now, to address the OP: Twickster, have you ever done any searches on animal or animal care sites? That seems to attract their notice.

I guess their logic is that if you like animals you must also like animals. :eek: (Ewww!)

Ya know, I think Wintermute’s stalking me… :wink:

The only searches I can think of that are animal-oriented are: 1) a search I did on peacocks about a year and a half ago when I was trying to talk my sister and her husband into getting some (they’re on 8 acres, and there’s a plot afoot to build McMansions at the bottom of their hill), and 2) my semi-regular eBay searches for flamingo stuff, which I collect.

None of the spam has involved birds, Zeus and Leda, or anything of the sort – as far as I can tell without having opened any of it.

(BTW, I will admit to having given a split-second’s thought to opening the one with the lizard, just out of sick curiosity, but sanity regained the upper hand before I opened that, uh, can of worms.)

I doubt that the majority of the spam has anything to do with searches anyway. I have several freebie accounts, plus one associated with my ISP account. My freebies get all kinds of garbage, but the other has yet to be spammed with porn.

I think that spammers have a program to figure out likely email addresses or that hit everything at whatever.com

It has absolutely nothing to do with what you search for, unless you have some sophisticated spyware on your computer.

FCM hit it. And I have a theory about why there’s so much bestiality spam. They’re not trying to entice you with dreams of horse cocks. Many of them have a “Take me off the list” link in the body of the message. They’re trying to disgust you into clicking that link, which has your email address encoded in the query string. The more sickening the message, the better it works. And once you click on the link, they know they’ve found a valid email adress.

Yeah, I understand that the spammers aren’t actually targeting me as a person with certain, uh, interests – I’m just wondering why 98% of the porn spam recently has involved animals. Is it National Bestiality Month or something? Why not threesomes or whatever? It seems like a couple of months ago it was all about cheerleaders.

Re: peacocks

there’s your problem, right there:p

Yep, I get those.

How many of you folks get the necrophilia ones? The “real rape” ones? The snuff ones?

::barfie smilie::

I say it’s a natural progression from all the penis enlargement messages. I mean, if you’re going to have a horse cock, you might as well be fucking a horse.

Man, I feel neglected!

I never get any porn spam. All I get is refinancing my mortgage, cell phone, and Nigerian banker spam (and very little of it at that).

I must be a true loser if porn spammers don’t even want anything to do with me :frowning:

If it’s really bothering you, jk, I’ll be happy to forward it all to you…