Whats with all the sex insults?

Why does everything have to be ass-muncher this, goat-felcher that? Whatever happened to the days when people used their creative energies to berate an offender’s intelligence, strength, appearance, masculinity/femininity, or general prowess? Does the lack of those attributes pale greatly in light of eccentric sexual interests? What if call someone a pig-fucker and they really do fuck pigs? Then what? Your insult wouldn’t even work. That’s why you’re better off calling someone stupid; no one could ever admit to that as a fact.

Shut the hell up, you stupid, weak, ugly as sin, testosterone and estrogen overloaded excuse for a failure.

Shut the hell up, pig-fucker.

No contest.

Goat fucker.

And I wasn’t refering to you pizzabrat. I’m sure your pigs are completely satisfied.


Hmm… but I think the goats are crying out for a little “attention”.

I’m too stupid to get the OP.


That’s because you are a skunk-felcher. Tut.

You want sex jokes? How 'bout your mama?

I remember reading a translation of a Greek who was insulting someone he didn’t like. The quote went something like “In your ass and in your mouth…” It appears as though using sex to insult others is a time honored practice.


Catullus isn’t Greek, but you may be thinking of his Carmen 16:

Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo,
Aureli pathice et cinaede Furi…

(I’ll fuck you up the ass and make you blow me,
You bugger Aurelius and you bum-boy Furius…)

Complete text on request.

I just like saying the word ass-muncher.

Followed by saying “munch, munch, munch, munch, munch, munch.”

I’m just odd.

Sexual insults are used because they are both easy to come up with, and almost always provoke the desired emotional response - anger, rage, ect, in the person being insulted.

Okay Matt-mcl. I request the complete text.