What's wrong with my online profile?

Also your post!

If I were you I’d start having self confidence issues about now.

I was going to welcome a man of few words…

It still showed zero replies after your post, Mastema. Maybe you and I will have self confidence issues too! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am SOOOO going to need some serious therapy. Or perhaps another beer. . .

:smiley: I’ll drink to that!

I don’t get it…

Aparently a Doper named Art Vandelay, Architect posted an OP about having problems with his user profile, but due to the SDMB ham§sters going on strike again, the thread was started but the OP was lost. We have since been joking that it seems to be more than his user profile that has gone awry. Here, try a beer. It becomes much funnier after a beer.

:smiley: I’ll drink to that!

You’ll drink to anything. :stuck_out_tongue: