What's wrong with you?

My ear hurts. Not a lot, it’s just tender. But that’s the first sign, you know. Yeah. Ear cancer.

My hand feels a little weak lately. I’m not dropping things, it just feels slightly less than optimal strength. Probably MS.

I keep thinking I see movement out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn my head I see nothing. I know I have three cats, but perhaps I actually have schitzophrenia.

I usually pay the rent early, but this month I’m paying it on time, so I’m sure the landlord will evict me for being late for being early.

Gotta go out of town on Sunday. My partner’s license is valid, but from another state. I’m sure they will refuse to rent us the car. If they do, we’ll get pulled over and arrested. If we don’t, we’ll get abducted by aliens, who will refuse to take us to their home planet because of the out-of-state license. This is why I don’t drive. Nothing but problems.

So what’s your problem, bub?

Heh. I am currently attending a massage therapy institute. My thinking behind this was “Man, I would love to help people feel better, but I don’t want do deal with blood and poop, so what can I do? Think, think…” and I eventually I decided that rubbing them all over would fit the bill. Not once did I think, “Hey, man, that’s like…manual labor.”

Anyway, on Tuesdays we do pilates or yoga, then have hour-long massage exchanges. Much of massage is administered from a “horse stance” (squat) and, although I am working on it, my endurance leaves much to be desired.

I feel like I’m gonna die. And I have to get strong enough to give at least five massages a day. I can’t believe that none of this even crossed my mind when I picked this career. I still would have done it, I just would have taken a friggin’ yoga class for a few months before starting school.

You have a couple of hours free this evening?


Who me ? Nuthin… runs away

Hang in there-- you’ll make it! :slight_smile:

I’m finishing up at massage school, too, and I seriously think I’m the only person there who didn’t have SERIOUS stamina problems when I started. (I’ve been running a landscaping and lawn care business for years, and also do a lot of weightlifting off season.) You really do have to be an athlete when you start in order to avoid this problem completely, but believe me, you can make it through! EVERYONE in our class has done it.

Time to power up little one!

My right hand gets numb in the mornings on the way to work. I am pretty sure it’s carpel tunnel or I am having a prolonged 2 week heart attack.

I think I used to have more hair than this, didn’t I?

I’m tired all the time and I could use a nap right now. Oh no! Narcolepzzzzzz…

The back of my throat’s kinda sore. Both of my neighboring co-workers have been sick for the last two weeks (one was just diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday), so I’m a bit worried about which of their germs I’ve picked up.

Plus I have a bunch of ceremonies to perform on Saturday, so I’m hoping my voice holds out.

My PC’s also picked up a few viruses lately, but after a week of scanning and sterilizing, the only problem left is a rather pernicious worm that pops up every couple of hours. Anyone got any home remedies for killing alcopaul.ag for good?

Plus, it’s rainy season now, so I haven’t been able to ride my bike to work. On top of not being able to go to the gym for the last four months (they’re closed by the time I get home), I’m feeling myself starting to spread.

Yeah, like I’ve got time to list it all. Tell you what, I’ll just tell you what isn’t wrong with me.

I am so getting one. But I’ll probably break my wrist or something.