What's your favorite Sirius channel(s)?

I have a curious mix of faves - Outlaw Country, Hair Nation, Buzzsaw and Backspin.

When Bonaduce was doing a show on Howard 100 last week I listened in a bunch.
I don’t find myself listening to Howard near as much as I thought I would, though I did catch the Jenna Jameson interview (natch).

I’m listening to Hits 1 on my cell phone at the moment and they’ve forgotten to turn off the booth mikes :slight_smile: Chris is running through the controls and mike setups for their remote at the Grammy awards later. I’m laughing my head off because I was in radio a few years ago and it was always my worst nightmare to leave the booth mike on accidentally.

So right now, Hits 1 is my favorite.


I like 1st Wave, Alt Nation, and Octane, mostly.

I pretty much stick to the six channels I have on my preset:

ESPN, 80s, 90s&Now, CNN, CSPAN, and E!

Broadway (77- except when Seth Rudetsky, my least favorite on-air personality EVAH! is the host), Gay (106- except when whinebag Michelangelo Signorile is on), Standards (75) and Fifties (5). I also like CNN, Bloomberg News and the various NPRs when I have time for more than drive music.

Howard 100, plus a tie for Alt Nation/1st Wave (depends on the time of day, I think … I prefer 80s earlier in the day, more recent stuff in the evenings).

I like the new Shuffle station

Ooh yeah, I have that one preset, too. Interesting stuff.

My new presets are:

Sirius Gold
1st Wave
Symphony Hall
The Vault
The Beat
Outlaw Country
Area 33
Pure Jazz
Out Q

There are several other stations I listen to: Radio Classics, Planet Jazz, Strobe, Rumbon, among many others.

I love satellite radio

I love Left of Center. Love, I mean I’ve asked it to marry me only to be spurned and spent the next crying.

For the times when my true love turns me out, I listen to NPR, Spectrum (got me listening because they were playing Gabriel’s “Biko” today), the World station which seemed to only be playing the Stones today, and the Backspin old-skool hiphop station.

That’s so funny… I don’t mind Seth Rudetsky, and the two hosts I LOVE on OutQ are Mike Signorile and Frank DeCaro…

Although I agree with you on Standards…

The rest of the time l listen to BBC 1 or the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation…

I love DeCaro (and Doria- she’s always an asterix, poor thing). Rudetsky seems to be under the illusion that 77 is a talk show format, plus his voice and name dropping and just everything about him makes me want to hit him with a dowel stick until one of his drops from his exhaustion.

Don’t listen that much. I’ve tried some of the others but keep going back to Underground Garage.

Also Outlaw Country when I’m in that frame of mind.