When do you deploy the "my boy/girlfriend"?

I couldn’t vote in the poll. I haven’t been single in so long… no opinion on what other people should do in regards to me trying to find dates.

I’ve never said ‘I have a boyfriend’ to tell someone I wasn’t interested in them romantically - but I do mention him a lot. We’re madly in love and pretty much ‘married’ (in that we are very committed, our lives are totally entwined and we rarely spend free time with anyone but each other) so he tends to come up in general conversation.

I avoid talking to anyone and am incapable of flirtation, so I rarely have to reject men who don’t approach me cold. Socially normal/non-drunk people know I’m not interested from talking to me and never make a move. I don’t feel any particular obligation to continue to speak with people who won’t take my more subtle hints (even at the jobs where I am a captive audience, as a barista and bartender. I just shut down and walk away).

I don’t like to get the vibe that someone is hiding their relationship, and I think it’s weird when people never mention their SOs in casual conversation, but I think it’s often just that other people are more guarded about their personal life than I am.