When does your posting frequency increase?

I have second year exams starting mid-may, and I’m stuck at my desk all day revising. However, I’m an excellent procrastinator; my room is immaculately tidy, there’s lots of nice food been cooked and my computer has been tidied up so it runs faster. I’ve made lists of things I have to do, got a very neat revision timetable, my projects are all organised and on track and my outlook calendar is throughly up to date and sync’d properly.

Oh, and I’ve posted a lot more here in the last few days. Normally more of a lurker.

Anyone else use the dope to avoid doing work?

You’re kidding, right?

My guesstimate is 95% of all posts here are made in time allocated to do something more usefull. (In my case 100%)

I have a job where 50% of the actual work is done the first 7 to 10 days of the month. My post count at the end of every month is ridiculous.

I work the third shift. The Dope is how I get through my slow nights. Last night we had a guy with multiple stab wounds exsanguinating in the OR… I didn’t post much last night.

OK, maybe it was a little naive to phrase it like that! But I’ve (and on preview, you’ve) been here for about five years, and today I’ve posted five or six times.

I have a supersonic business jet to write about. Its supersonically dull.

It is really fast and really expensive?
After that I’m stuck.

It’s a project about making a successor to the Aerion SBJ and SAI’s QSST, but using smart materials to give a larger radius of operation at a lower running cost.

It’s interesting in itself, but right now I’m writing the marketting and legal stuff. We drew straws.