When in discourse of sequential threads

Things That Have Become Less Scary With Time
Baby falling through window

“Ah, it’s 2020. The poor little tyke is probably better off this way.”

What is this switch for?
Password chaos

Kuhneutson Valves and Flux Capacitors
Weirdest names you’ve ever heard

Stupid injuries
Trump has COVID!

In defence of wokeness
Does anybody still use BC Headache Powder?

I use it when I want to be woke since it has caffeine.

Why are Canadians the most defensive people in the world when accused of potential racism?
What is racial equity? What is racial equality?

And while you try to think of a snappy comeback, they scarf up the last six-pack of Molson and race out the door. :frowning:

Things That Have Become Less Scary With Time
Botticelli - Oct. 2020

But it was incredibly scary in Feb. 2019, not to mention Apr. 1998!

Jokes that, nowadays, need explaining
I’m done with ketchup

You’re gonna have to explain that one to me.

Situations in which apologizing increases people anger rather than decreasing it
White people voicing non-white characters

Free Masonry
Can you get drunk on Listerine?

Yes, those Freemasons are real party animals.

Atheists: If there had to be a god, what would you want it to be like?
Your childhood TV crushes

Jeez, when you said you worshipped Gidget, I didn’t think you were serious.

What are poll watchers going to be watching for?
Forms of Valid ID

Today in nature I saw
Last 747 passenger flight in the US

(peers through binoculars)
Look at that! You never see a Widebody Quadjet any more!

Beautiful plumage!

R.I.P. Johnny Nash
I have a new upright freezer. How shall I fill it?

Actually, I think he specified cremation…

How do I clean a hummingbird skull without destroying it?
Better to be a Jack of All Trades or A Master of One?

If cleaning hummingbird skulls is the one trade you’ve mastered, I really hope you have another source of income.

Why I hate this new fangled streaming
The bullying of Frank Burns in MAS*H

Just so you know, he gets bullied on DVD as well.

What is Trump’s current health?
Pelosi is setting up a bipartisan institution regarding the 25th amendment

So, not good, I take it.

Have you ever had a kitten climb up under your car engine?
Pet pictures!

Wasn’t her expression cute when I cranked the starter?

You hear a smoke/gas-detector alarm in apt
Do you own (and use) a bathrobe?

Well, I’m not running out into the hallway in my underwear, that’s for sure.

What does bat milk taste like?
Comparing nutritional value of cat food

I dunno, but if you’re still hungry I can recommend a really tasty goat chow.